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Seven Clues that Your Investment Property Needs a New Roof

Clue Number One: It Has No Roof. It’s hard to say with confidence that any given part of a rental home is ‘more important’ than any other — they all kind of have to work together in a very specific way to accomplish their job — but if there was one part that fit the […]


The Seven Most Common Complaints about Property Managers

We Started With a List of Twenty-Three, But We Narrowed It Down. It’s a little close to home, to be a property manager and decide to research what owners & tenants complain about their property managers about. But no matter what industry you’re in, it’s a good idea to have a firm grip on how […]


Advanced Property Management, Part III: Negotiating

Flexibility Isn’t The Most Important Think for a Property Manager…But It’s In the Top Three. This is going to come as a massive shock to a lot of property managers out there, so brace yourself: most tenants want to pay you what they owe.  Most tenants want to be able to work out a fair […]


Property Managers, Property Owners, and Liability

Be Responsible, But Know When That Means Liability and When It Doesn’t. Imagine you’re a judge sitting on the bench, and a homeowner makes this argument in your court: someone broke into their house and beat them senseless, and they want to sue the contractor who installed their window, because it never did lock quite […]


How to (Legally) Get a Hoarder Out of a Rental

Hoarding is So Much Easier with Amazon Free Delivery! Hoarders — as the popular TV show has labeled them — have a psychological disorder that causes them to insist on keeping things they have no need for, to excess. While the disorder itself is often more of a cause for empathy than anything else, being […]


Pareto-fying Your Property Management Business

20% of these words will capture 80% of your attention. If you’re not familiar with the Pareto Principle, it goes like this: 20% of sources cause 80% of effects. It started when a mathematician in Italy named Vilfredo Pareto calculated out that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people, […]


Advanced Property Management, Part IIb: The Property Lifecycle

Is Your Property Having a Mid-Life Crisis? Last week, we talked about the tenant lifecycle and how keeping an eye on the cycle as a whole as you perform each step can make you a better property manager. Today, we’re going to go one step further ‘out’ from that, to the lifecycle of a piece […]


Advanced Property Management, Part IIa: The Tenant Lifecycle

Not to be confused with the Tenant Bicycle — that’s something entirely different.   In Part I of the Advanced Property Management series, we talked about how important it is to ‘think like the owner.’ Today, we’re going into a significantly more technical subject: how to manage the lifecycle of a tenant.     The […]


The Only Great Reason to Not Hire a Property Manager

…is that you really want a job rather than an investment. There are a lot of property investors out there right now — probably more in the last five years than at any point in time since the New Deal. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, and even wealth levels. But the one […]


Advanced Property Management, Part I: Thinking Like the Owner

Up your Property Management Game by Changing Your Mind. So this is the first in what we hope will be an exciting series of posts for property managers who are looking to up their game a little bit. The point of this article is very simple: the investors/owners who buy these properties are your clients, […]

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