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How do You Know Your Tenant Is Subletting with AirBNB?

It’s hard enough when you’re screening the actual tenants — having complete strangers on your property is a straight-up no-go. AirBNB, and similar services like VRBO and wimdu, allow someone to rent out a property they control by the night. This is great for homeowners looking to get some extra income while they’re on vacation, […]


Seven Fascinating Things About Today’s Renter

Opportunity is Knocking! …Or Is That the Plumbing? Modern renters are mostly like the renters of the 90s…mostly. But some things — OK, a lot of things changed when the Great Recession reminded us that we can’t live on credit and high hopes forever. Most of these things are in some way related to that […]


Newbie Mistakes In Real Estate Investing

Let Me Hear You Say ‘Flipping Ain’t Easy!’ It’s easy to mess up any sort of investment — the entire concept behind investing is that you accept some risk in return for getting a better return than you get from your bank account. But certain kinds of investing, like real estate, are just as much […]


It’s a Great Time to Buy a House…If You’re an Investor

Opportunity is Knocking! …Or Is That the Plumbing? Last week, we went over the fact that owning your home is, on average, about twice as affordable as renting — and why. The lack of first-time buyers created by strict debt-to-income ratio laws and high down payments is creating a slowdown in the entire consumer housing […]


It’s a Great Time to Buy a House…If You Can

If You Can’t, It’s Obviously A Great Time to Rent a House! It’s actually been a very long time since buying a home cost more than renting one — since 1991, to be precise — but there are a lot of extrinsic factors that have made renting a better option in general for most people. […]


Vacancies Are Starting to Go Up Again — Keep Your Profits High

It’s Easy to Make Money When Everything is Going Up — Can You Keep It Up As Things Turn Around? Vacancies rose by a tenth of one percent last quarter — which might not seem like much at first, until you notice that it’s the first time that the overall rental vacancy rate has risen […]


Giving Holiday Gifts To Your Tenants

Say ‘Thank You For Being a Great Tenant’ in a Memorable Way. Finding a tenant that you really enjoy, that you can count on to treat your property well and pay on time…that’s a modern-day miracle. There are certainly a goodly number of tenants that we would rather not encourage, but for those that you […]


Real Estate Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

Retire Comfortably By Investing Intelligently Today. Hearing an investor say that they want to use their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to invest in real estate is kind of like saying that they want to use their savings account to invest in the stock market. It doesn’t tell you anything, because ‘investing in real estate’ is […]


The Right Way to Handle A Move-In Checklist

The Wrong Way is “Not Handling It At All.” If you’re not familiar with property management paperwork, rest assured there’s a lot of it — so much, in fact, that many landlords are tempted to not deal with it whenever the opportunity presents itself. One classic example: the Move-In Checklist. For the renter, a move-in […]


Renting To Tenants with Pets: Countering the Expense

How Much Is that Puppy In Your Window…Going To Cost You? Tenants who have pets bring a unique kind of risk with them. On the one hand, people with pets tend to be more laid back. On the other hand, pets tend to occasionally damage goods and property just by their nature. (If you’ve ever […]

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