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3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Rental Has Electrical Problems (And What to Do)

“With great power comes great responsibility.” An electrical problem can put both landlords and tenants at risk. So, if you’re a rental investor, you need to ensure that you have a safe rental property to avoid any potential accidents or legal issues. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to recognize the signs until it’s too late. To […]


Maximizing Your Rental Space: The Benefits of Subletting

Are you struggling to make rent each month and worried about straining your relationship with your landlord? You’re not alone. Many tenants face financial challenges that make it difficult to keep up with payments. If you’re looking for a solution, subletting may be worth considering. By renting out an extra room in your apartment or […]


5 Best Bike Routes to Cycle Around and Explore The City Of Detroit

The City of Detroit may be called Motor City, but that doesn’t mean you always have to drive around. If you’re looking for a good weekend adventure, there are several biking trails in the City of Detroit with gorgeous views and scenic routes for you to enjoy. Plus, there are a lot of benefits to […]


Time to Settle Down: 5 Best Metro Detroit Neighborhoods to Retire In

As you get older, the idea of settling down becomes more appealing. You want to be close to your family and friends, have all your favorite stores and restaurants nearby, and know that you can rely on your neighbors in a time of need. Luckily, Metro Detroit has many cities and neighborhoods that meet the […]


Looking for a New Career? Top 6 Booming Industries in Detroit

  The City of Detroit is one of the most vibrant and up-and-coming cities in the United States. And why is that? Well, it’s mainly due to the influx of young professionals drawn to the city’s energy and culture. Historically, it was known for being the automobile capital, but today there are a lot more […]


Tenant Tips to Beat Competition and Find the Rental of Your Dreams

      It’s no secret that the rental market can be competitive. With demand outpacing supply in many real estate markets, finding and securing the rental of your dreams can be tough. Especially when everybody is flocking to the same quality neighbourhoods. However, with a little bit of strategy and know-how, you can beat […]


Tension-Free Cohabitation: Important Financial Questions to Ask Your Roommate(s)

  Money conversations can be uncomfortable—but crucial if you’re sharing an apartment with someone. You need to talk it out before you move in together. Discuss guidelines, and expectations, and ensure that you will both be able to cover everything from damaged furniture to security deposits. Talking it out in advance will save you from […]


5 Greenest and Freshest Places to Explore in Metro Detroit

  When people think about Detroit, the first thing that comes to mind is automotive manufacturing. And for good reason. The city has a long and proud history in the automotive industry, and it is still going strong today. However, there’s a lot more in Metro Detroit that makes it a fresh place to live […]

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