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Tenant Payment Performance Update through February 2023

We’re not aware of any other local management company sending their clients these types of updates! Please let us know if you hear of another company doing so. Please be sure to share this with anyone you know interested in real estate investing or looking for a better property manager, so they can see what […]


How Landlords Can Help Their Tenants Handle High Inflation

As a landlord, you should always want the highest amount of effective rent for your properties. This usually means raising rents in step with market increases. Often, inflation and raising the rent lead to tenant turnover, which leads to loss of rent while a property is vacant and additional expenses getting it RentReady. Inflation in […]


How to Verify & Find Property Owners when Verifying Applicant Rental History

Do you find interesting investing in Metro Detroit real estate, but don’t know where to start? Everyone keeps telling you that the key to a successful investment is finding the right property, but you can’t find any good leads. The ones you’ve seen are either too expensive, need too much work, or both—which you don’t […]


Calling Out Financially Dishonest Tenants: How to Catch Fake Pay Stubs

  Unfortunately, we live in a world where fake pay stubs exist.  If you’ve been a landlord for a while, you’ve probably come across a couple of these counterfeit documents during the application stage (or you’ve at least heard of someone else who has). The challenge is how to easily spot them, so you don’t […]


Why Good Tenants Leave and How to Keep Them

  People come and go; it’s the natural order of life. But when it comes to your rental property, you don’t want people leaving—especially the quality tenants that took so long to find. Not only do quality renters pay their rent on time, keep the place clean, and avoid causing trouble, but they can also […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter O

Real estate can be a bit confusing when you’re new to the industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. The latest installment of our Ultimate Real Estate Glossary is here to guide you through real estate terminology. This non-exhaustive list of words is intended for landlords, property managers, and interested tenants to know […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter Gs

Welcome back to the Ultimate Real Estate Glossary!  Newcomers to real estate might find it a bit difficult to absorb all the language that goes with the industry. It can be overwhelming, but that’s why we’ve written this guide for you. It’s a comprehensive dictionary of real estate trade terms for new landlords to get […]


The Limitations of Online Tenant Screening Tools

Online tenant screening tools are easy and relatively cheap to use, but are they giving you the best overview of tenants’ backgrounds and reliability in terms of maintaining the property and paying rents on time?  If you’re dealing with applicants with high credit scores, this probably won’t be an issue for you. On the other […]


Criminal Records, What You Can And Can’t Ask.

Landlords do have a great deal of control over who they decide to rent to … but there are lots of rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. These rules and regulations change from time to time, so landlords need to stay up on them as ignorance is not an excuse. A lot […]


Target Market Segments with Your Rental Ads, Part II

Flesh out the ideal renter that you visualize as you write and market your listing. Last week, we defined what exactly a ‘target market segment’ was, and also talked a bit about the relationship between features, benefits, and market segments. Now we’re going to tell you exactly how to pick out market segments for your […]

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