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Prorated Rent: How and Why You Should Calculate It

For landlords, maximizing profitability is one of the most important things about renting out a property. And a big part of that is minimizing vacancy times. So, if you want to maximize your profits, it’s better to be flexible to accommodate tenants who wish to move in the middle of the month, or who want […]


How to Spot Fake Emotional Support Animal Letters

Over the past decade, emotional support animals (ESA) have become the topic of discussion, popping up everywhere, from airports to rental properties. While these animals can provide their owners with great companionship and support, people have been faking emotional support animals just to bend the rules and keep their pets in rental units where animals […]


2023 Metro Detroit Real Estate Forecast for Rental Property Investors

Is 2023 a good time to invest in Metro Detroit rental properties? To help you evaluate, we’ve collected evidence-based trends on the real estate market for you to review. Although this article isn’t a comprehensive source for you to make final investment decisions, the information will give you a good grasp of the real estate […]


5 Reasons Why High Interest Rates Don’t Affect Rental Property Investments

Are you on the fence about investing in rental properties? We get it. They say you can’t go wrong with (most) real estate investments. But with interest rates climbing and seemingly unpredictable, you might have second thoughts. Rentals are often seen as a safe, reliable way to make money. Many investors choose them for a […]


The Huge Rent Bubble in the Room that No Investors Want to Talk About, But Should

The market was doing well…until it wasn’t. In the past 8 months, the US rental market did a complete turnaround, ending the 20-month streak of increasing rent amounts across 27 of the 40 biggest cities. Prices fell by 0.1% in August 2022, according to, much to every investor’s despair—and may now threaten investment returns. […]


How Landlords Can Help Their Tenants Handle High Inflation

As a landlord, you should always want the highest amount of effective rent for your properties. This usually means raising rents in step with market increases. Often, inflation and raising the rent lead to tenant turnover, which leads to loss of rent while a property is vacant and additional expenses getting it RentReady. Inflation in […]

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