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Tenant Payment Performance Update through February 2022

  We’re not aware of any other local management company sending their clients these types of updates. So, please be sure to share this with anyone you know interested in real estate investing or looking for a better property manager, so they can see what they are missing!   EVICTIONS UPDATE Timelines for court dates […]


Lead-Based Paint Disclosure: Real Estate Health Hazards

  Lead-based paint used to be the standard formula for decades.  We praised it for its quick drying time, resistance to moisture, wide application, and dense and opaque coverage. People could paint multiple coats without waiting too long, and the results were outstanding. Unfortunately, everybody used it from the 4th century BC until late in […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary Letter T

As we approach the conclusion of our Ultimate Real Estate Glossary, the time has come to tackle tricky terminologies starting with the letter T. Our goal is simple: We aim to inform you of the industry’s difficult-to-understand words and terms from A to Z, all to help you make well-informed investment decisions in the real […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter P

  Property management, principal, payoff letters—please slow down! Real estate talk confuses newcomers with all its jargon and industry-specific vocabulary. So if it feels like you’re drowning, don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Welcome to the latest installment of our Ultimate Real Estate Glossary! This article is part of our exhaustive list of most relevant words […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter O

Real estate can be a bit confusing when you’re new to the industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. The latest installment of our Ultimate Real Estate Glossary is here to guide you through real estate terminology. This non-exhaustive list of words is intended for landlords, property managers, and interested tenants to know […]


How to Use Retirement Money for Real Estate Investing

  If you’re like most people, you might think of investing your retirement money in stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. You probably didn’t consider real estate to be an option—even though the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) freely allows retirement accounts to invest in properties. Why should you consider real estate, you may ask? Well, […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter N

If you’re an average person just coming into real estate, it can be challenging to understand the industry’s jargon. That is why we’ve come back with the next installment of the Ultimate Real Estate Glossary series. We’ll run down the basic list of real estate terms you should know to find your footing in real […]

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