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3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Rental Has Electrical Problems (And What to Do)

“With great power comes great responsibility.” An electrical problem can put both landlords and tenants at risk. So, if you’re a rental investor, you need to ensure that you have a safe rental property to avoid any potential accidents or legal issues. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to recognize the signs until it’s too late. To […]


3 Ways to Baby-Proof Your Rental Property for Family Tenants

As you may know, having family tenants can bring multiple benefits—like longer rental periods and greater motivation to keep the house clean and well-maintained. But with families come children, who require extra safety precautions when it comes to living at a rental property. From baby-proofing outlets and cabinets to securing windows with safety locks, ensuring […]


How to Buy an Abandoned Property (And What to Do Next)

In 2020, it was estimated that 11% of all housing units in the United States are abandoned—that’s over 16 million properties across the country that you could purchase, flip, and rent out. Plus, just because a property is unoccupied doesn’t mean it’s uninhabitable, as vacancy could be influenced by location or demand and supply without […]


Top 8 Landlord Responsibilities in Michigan

  Whether you’ve been renting for years or you’re just getting started in the real estate industry, it’s important to know your landlord responsibilities or legal obligations as a landlord. As a landlord, you can’t just rent a property and forget about it. Just like your tenants—you have certain responsibilities. Thankfully, when it comes to […]


Normal Wear & Tear vs. Damages: When to Charge a Tenant’s Security Deposit

“Wear and tear” has to be one of the vaguest descriptions used in landlord-tenant laws. What’s considered reasonable wear and tear? When does it qualify as extensive damage to your rental property? Not only is it difficult to determine, but landlord-tenant laws also vary across different states when it comes to defining this. What’s wear […]


DIY Repairs Landlords Should Know How to Do

  As a landlord, it’s always ideal to have some basic knowledge and skills to take care of the repairs that will inevitably come up in your rentals without needing to shell out for a contractor. Let’s consider the two approaches:  DIY-ing and hiring a professional. If you want to be hands-off, make sure that […]


Preparing for Extreme Rental Property Damages and Maintenance Issues

It should be expected that something will always go wrong or need fixing with any rental property. These extreme rental property damages and maintenance Issues often depends on the age and amount of deferred maintenance of a property and the demographics of the tenants. There are, things that most landlords aren’t prepared for either financially […]


When It’s Worth Renovating And Upgrading Your Rental

As a smart investor, you always should be looking for ways to improve cash flow, income stream, and to increase the value of the property. Taking the time to renovate can accomplish all three, but you must be willing to expose yourself to some financial risk and uncertainty. You’ll have the unit(s) vacant during construction, […]


Maintenance Lessons Courtesy of the Polar Vortex

Winter is always a busy time for the Maintenance crew, and the kinds of work that need doing in the winter tend much more toward ‘emergency’ This year, Metro Detroit got really cold. The news pointed out on a couple of occasions that it was colder in Detroit than it was in Antarctica! And that […]

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