Time to Settle Down: 5 Best Metro Detroit Neighborhoods to Retire In

Time to Settle Down: 5 Best Metro Detroit Neighborhoods to Retire In

Time to Settle Down: 5 Best Metro Detroit Neighborhoods to Retire In

As you get older, the idea of settling down becomes more appealing. You want to be close to your family and friends, have all your favorite stores and restaurants nearby, and know that you can rely on your neighbors in a time of need.

Luckily, Metro Detroit has many cities and neighborhoods that meet the criteria. Here’s where they are located within the tri-county area, so it’s easier for you to visualize:

Source: Detroit Is Not Enormous: (gppreview.com)


This list includes Northville, Clawson, Trenton, Bloomfield Hills, and Southfield. Each of them provides you with something interesting and wonderful to choose as a retirement place. Read on to see which of these top-tier spots are ideal for you to settle down and enjoy your retirement!

1. Northville: The Safest Sanctuary

Address: Oakland and Wayne Counties around 11 miles west of the City of Detroit

Source: Sun Communities


Northville is a good neighborhood to settle down in, as it’s one of the safest suburbs on our list. Areavibes also ranked Northville as an “exceptional” place to live in, and we fully agree.

You’ll find everything here from low-maintenance modern condos to beautiful Victorian mansions, so you have your pick at the type of home you’d like to enjoy. If you’re seeking some art and inspiration, you’ll only be a stone’s throw away from a gallery exhibit or attending a class at Northville Art House. You can also ride horses, stroll around, and have a picnic at Maybury State Park for a lovely afternoon. Alternatively, invite your friends and family to have an activity-filled day at Meadowbrook Country Club.

Source: Areavibes

2. Clawson: The City of Amenities

Address: Oakland County around 17.3 miles north of the City of Detroit

Source: Listing on Trulia


Clawson is also one of the safest places on this list, where you can have your evening stroll without concern. You’ll find historic bungalow and craftsman-style homes here—ones that you can potentially purchase as an investment—and spend your days enjoying a picnic at Clawson City Park, buying fresh local produce from the Clawson Farmers Market, or even attending community events to meet your fellow neighbors in this sweet little neighborhood.

And, compared to other nearby areas, there are nearly 60 amenities in Clawson that are senior-friendly, so you’ll have all the activities, restaurants, and shops for your enjoyment and convenience.

Source: Areavibes

3. Trenton: The Riverside Refuge

Address: Wayne County between the City of Detroit and Monroe in southeastern Michigan

Source: Listing on Realtor.com


Trenton is a riverside town where you can find many ranch, bungalow, and craftsman-style homes on large pieces of land—perfect if you’re looking to purchase a home with an amazing view.

Nature lovers can spend their days fishing along the Detroit River or having picnics, while animal lovers can try horseback riding at Elizabeth Park if they’re feeling a bit adventurous. Avid readers can also get lost in the Trenton Veterans Memorial Library, where you’ll get access to critically acclaimed books, movies, documentaries, and more.

Plus, there are more than 75 doctors in Trenton to address any of your medical concerns, and nearly a fifth (15%) of its total population are residents aged 65 and up. You’ll find your circle of friends in no time.

Source: Areavibes

4. Bloomfield Hills: The Close-Knit Community

Address: Oakland County approximately 20 miles northwest of Downtown Detroit

Source: Lakeland Real Estate Group


Imagine yourself living in a spacious Colonial craftsman-style home, where the close-knit community around you willingly helps their neighbors. The small 4,000-resident city provides beautiful golf spots like Stonycroft Hills Club and Bloomfield Hills Country Club, where you can tee off to your heart’s desire. Art-lovers can also spend weekends browsing exhibits in the Cranbrook Art Museum, while those looking to breathe fresh air can head to Cranbrook House and Gardens for an afternoon with nature.

That is the lifestyle you can expect from Bloomfield Hills.

The city has one of the lowest crime rates in Michigan. More than a fifth (22%) of its residents are aged 65 and up, and there are over 220 doctors that are within your reach. If this isn’t the perfect spot for retirees, we don’t know what is!

Source: Areavibes

5. Southfield: The Freshest Gardens

Address: Oakland County is a northern suburb of the City of Detroit

Source: City of Southfield


Southfield is a small city with a range of housing options. You can choose to live in low-maintenance townhouses and condominiums or go with a ranch or cottage with a beautiful garden to tend. You can spend your weekends shopping in Tel-Twelve Mall or Southfield Plaza, or playing golf at either the Plum Hollow Country Club or Evergreen Hills Golf Course, both of which are in Civic Center Park.

There are more than 500 doctors in Southfield, so you have nothing to worry about, and nearly a fifth (18%) of its total population are residents aged 65 and above. The environment in Southfield is hard to beat, especially if you’re a sucker for a fresh environment.

Source: Areavibes

A Lifetime of Comfortable Living

Choosing where to settle down can be an intimidating decision to make. But we hope that this list of the best places to retire helped you sift through your options. As you can see, Metro Detroit has more than a handful of cities and neighborhoods that are perfect for someone to enjoy the finest pleasures of life, so you can’t go wrong with any of the choices we’ve listed.

Do you need more help in choosing where to live o settle down in Metro Detroit? Check out the greenest and freshest places to live in the City of Detroit  for more options. Feel free to get in touch with our team directly as well.

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