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Needy Tenants: A Look at How to Handle Them

Let’s take a look at some ways to handle overly needy tenants.. All properties require maintenance and repairs to meet acceptable living standards. Factors like the age of the property and the number of units and needy tenants will affect your maintenance schedule. Most tenants are mature adults and have read and understood their lease. […]


Target Market Segments with Your Rental Ads, Part I

Understanding your target market will help you know how to cater to your prospects. If you want your rental advertisement to really be successful, you have to stand out from the sea of other similar rental advertisements in the minds of your readers. One of the best ways to do that is to make the […]


A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Screening Tenants with Social Media

Any prospective tenant can act like the best tenant in the world during the initial walk-through. Part of being a good landlord is being able to discern the truth in a situation where everyone you talk to has powerful motivations to hide the truth and/or openly lie. And while you can get by on the […]


DIY Landlord Tools: The Ultimate Rent-Ready Checklist II

Having a checklist provides a systematic way to inspect the home for any outstanding issues. We’re going forward today with the most complete rent-ready checklist around, and this time, we’re doing the basics: things that every room needs, and things that every house as a whole needs as well. Each and Every Room Needs (Where […]


Big Challenges of Property Management: Applications Edition

People really just don’t apply themselves to their applications.’. When it comes to property management, every phase of the cycle has its own unique challenges. This month, we’re going to ‘go deep’ on a few of the most challenging areas of our business, talk about what our greatest challenges are, and how we’re currently trying […]


Tenant Screening 201: Beyond Finances

Did you know there is more to the average tenant than just their financial status? We love screening tenants. We have to; we have hundreds of properties in our portfolio and there’s rarely less than 25 on the market at once. We get hundreds of applications, and we screen them all. Of course we use […]


Tenant Screening 201: Conversations with (Former) Landlords

Not your former landlords, silly — your applicant’s! One of the most often-skipped portions of the tenant screening process is the call to the applicant’s current and former landlord(s). It’s skipped for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, the applicant seems genuinely afraid to give you their current landlord’s number, and they have a reason for […]


The Realities of Renting to an “Illegal” Immigrant

Why the quote marks? Because the law defines aliens in a lot of ways — “documented” or “un”, “resident” or “un”, “immigrant” or “non”…but never as “legal” or “il.”  Let’s get one thing straight — the term “illegal alien (or immigrant)” is a hot topic right now and we’re not here to discuss politics. We […]


How Much Can a Professional Tenant Cost You?   

And this doesn’t even count things like your hair, or sanity, or nights’ sleep. In our last post, we mentioned in passing the notion of the ‘professional tenant,’ and we wanted to expand on that a little bit because we didn’t really have room to do the concept justice. So let’s talk about what a […]


Lessons Our (Successful!) Applicants Taught Us

Honestly, most people live up to whatever bar you set for them. Last week, we shared a few stories of lessons we learned from some of our more devious applicants. This week, we’d like to make up for that a little bit by sharing some of the flipside of the same coin — applicants that […]

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