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Lease Extension vs. Lease Renewal: What’s the Difference?

Everything seems to be going smoothly with your rental unit, but your lease agreement is about to end and you need to stay a little longer What should you do? Well, there are two options: lease extension and lease renewal. Now, you might be thinking, what’s the difference between those two options? Although similar, they […]


Tenants: Guide to Moving Rentals in Winter

Most people prefer to move to a new home during spring or summer time. Yes, it’s easier, because the kids are on school vacation, so you have more time on your hands—but it also means higher competition and higher rent. So moving in during the winter is a good option if you want to save […]


Tenants: Protect Your Security Deposit by Cleaning (Not Replacing!) Appliances

Picture this: you’ve just moved into a new rental property, excited to settle in and make it your own. You’ve paid your security deposit, and you hope to get the entire amount back by the time your lease agreement expires. Nonetheless, it’s inevitable for tenants to feel anxious about the potential deductions from their security […]


Should You Rent a Modular Home?

What do you think a modular home is? You’re a bit confused if you imagine a double-wide parked in a local mobile home park. While both modular and mobile homes are manufactured, there are significant differences between them. Yes, modular homes are manufactured in a factory, but they don’t have a chassis like a mobile […]


Moving to Detroit? 6 Things to Know Before Living in Famed Motor City

The City of Detroit is unique. There’s a mix of history and resurgence, of old-school and modern, of past and present and future. There’s so much beauty in this area just waiting to be discovered. Motor City has its spark—once you take a closer look. Are you moving to the City of Detroit to work […]


5 Ways on How to Have a Standout Rental Application

The US rental market is becoming increasingly more competitive. According to Roofstock, the demand for rental housing has risen by as much as 21% nationally, leading to more and more properties are receiving multiple tenant applications. So what do you need to do to have a standout rental application? This means that, as a tenant […]


Signing A 2-Year Lease Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approved

Have you ever been in a situation where you find a rental property that you really love, only to find out that three other people are putting in an offer for the same place? When it comes to applying for rental properties, most renters think that their application will get noticed by landlords, as long […]


Things to Ask Before Signing a Lease

So you’ve found your ideal house? Nice. Popped in for a viewing? Great. Meets your expectations? Even better.Before signing a lease, here are some of the most important questions to ask your landlord: Which Rent Payment Methods Do You Accept? Landlords’ payment terms and accepted modes of payment (e.g. cash, auto-debit, online payments, and check […]

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