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Beginner’s Guide to Working with a Property Management Company, Part 2

“Interviewing a Property Management Company”   Self-managing your rental properties can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for landlords who are scaling up their portfolios. This is where having a good property management company can be a huge asset There are many property management companies (PMC’s) to choose from, both good and bad, so gathering as […]


Beginner’s Guide to Working with a PM Company, Part 1

Hiring a good property manager can be the key to scaling up your rental investments. Working with a property management company frees up time for landlords to focus on growing their rental portfolio, rather than on the day-to-day business of tenant screening, property inspections, and maintenance issues. So if you self-manage and you’re looking to […]


How To Make Extra Cash From Your Rental on Airbnb

Airbnb actually now has more listing than hotels have rooms! Short-term rentals have become a booming business for people looking to make a little extra money. Online platforms like Airbnb have seen an explosion of property owners listing their properties. The rapid growth stems from travelers now opting for short-term rentals over hotels for a […]


Tired of Vacancy? Why Tenants Move & How to Keep Them

Tenants move because they can longer afford the rent, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your fault. It’s just the nature of things, people relocate for any number of reasons. The rental business is a constant ebb and flow. Sometimes, it’s out of your control, but there are ways to help retain tenants if you understand […]


Know When To Start Hiring A Property Management Company

If you’re growing your property rental business, a time will come when it gets too much for you to handle all by yourself. The extra expense of a property management company may be unattractive when you only have a few rentals. Attending to routine maintenance calls, chasing nonpaying tenants and handling city inspections can eventually […]


Personnel Tales from a Detroit Property Manager: HR Edition

In the past, we’ve written posts about the challenges of dealing with owners, tenants, vendors, contractors, city inspectors and more. Well, we also have to deal with our own workers. So, we’d like to share a couple of stories with you about the things that happened to and with people we employ. Where Did They […]


Hiring Practices for the Modern Property Manager

You will never regret hiring someone who has all the characteristics you need — and only few of the “Essential Requirements” listed in the job ad. One of the more cutting-edge trends in the American corporate world of hiring based on personality traits over skills, is starting to filter its way down to the small […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part IV

A positive attitude is contagious. It’s time for our final post on how to deal with information overload within your property management company. In our last few posts, we’ve covered the problem itself, how to handle information in a way that makes it easier to manage, and how to keep your brain best able to […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part II

You know that you managed your priorities well when you’ve set aside a “ready to be interrupted” time in your work schedule. So last time, we talked about what ‘information overload’ was, and mentioned that you can deal with it by modifying the information itself, or by modifying your brain so it can deal with […]


Information Overload in Property Management, Part I

Have you ever suffered from the dreaded business disease called “infobesity? The single biggest challenge of our collective jobs in property management is dealing with the raw amount of information that comes in. It’s something that we warn our new employees about, but it’s not something that we’re really talking about. So I thought I’d […]