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How to Verify & Find Property Owners when Verifying Applicant Rental History

Do you find interesting investing in Metro Detroit real estate, but don’t know where to start? Everyone keeps telling you that the key to a successful investment is finding the right property, but you can’t find any good leads. The ones you’ve seen are either too expensive, need too much work, or both—which you don’t […]


The Huge Rent Bubble in the Room that No Investors Want to Talk About, But Should

The market was doing well…until it wasn’t. In the past 8 months, the US rental market did a complete turnaround, ending the 20-month streak of increasing rent amounts across 27 of the 40 biggest cities. Prices fell by 0.1% in August 2022, according to, much to every investor’s despair—and may now threaten investment returns. […]


Real Estate Risk Management: The 4 Types of Investment Risks You Should Prepare For

You have to consider many risks when getting into real estate investing. Some of them you might already know, while some are less talked about in the industry—albeit still crucial in creating a long-term, profitable, successful real estate investment portfolio. Here, we list the key types of risks that residential and commercial real estate investors […]


Can Landlords Become Millionaire? Here’s How You Can Earn a Fortune

You’ve probably seen those articles online. You know, the ones with the headlines that are designed to get clicks like, “How to Become a Millionaire by Investing in Real Estate.” Well, the answer is complicated, as it depends on several factors. But as a property management company in Detroit, we’ve come to learn the ins […]


Questions to Identify the Perfect Property Management Company

If you’re a landlord or an investor, then you know that finding and hiring a property management company is no simple task. There are dozens of companies out there promising the world, but how do you know which one is the right fit for you? Before deciding, it’s important to ask some key questions to […]


How to Choose a Property Management Company for Your Airbnb

Running a property as an Airbnb comes with a ton of responsibilities. Not only do your guests expect 24-hour service, but you also have to manage reservation requests, cancellations, negative reviews, turnovers, and more. And how on Earth does the average person keep up with this? Many landlords hire property management companies instead to take […]


Upgrading Your Systems: 22 Best Digital Tools to Make Landlording Easier

  Digital advancements are supposed to make our lives easier. But if you don’t know which of the many tools out there are the best ones to use, it’ll only complicate things instead of simplifying your already-complex job as a landlord. No, you want to have functional, valuable tools that’ll give you more time. Then […]


Understanding Cap Rates to Gain the Highest Returns on Investment

Capitalization rate (or cap rates) is a term that real estate investors use to determine the value of an income-producing property. Unfortunately, it’s also one of those terms that cause head-scratching among some people, as it sounds like something you’d see in an accounting course rather than when talking about mortgages and properties. So what […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter P

  Property management, principal, payoff letters—please slow down! Real estate talk confuses newcomers with all its jargon and industry-specific vocabulary. So if it feels like you’re drowning, don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Welcome to the latest installment of our Ultimate Real Estate Glossary! This article is part of our exhaustive list of most relevant words […]

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