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A Smart Property Owner’s Guide to Maintenance

Like a health physical, home maintenance is important for your rental’s upkeep and well-being. Property maintenance is just as crucial as property management, and it should be held to the same high standards to attract quality tenants. Your potential applicants research properties online or at least do a drive-by to see if they would enjoy […]


How to Manage Online Reviews

Every business gets negative reviews. Yours will too. How they effect your buyer’s decisions is entirely based on how you respond to it. We’re all aware of the importance of online reviews in today’s business. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to share an opinion now, or to make decisions based on perceived satisfaction. In […]


Can a Landlord Check Bank Balances on a Rental Application?

Landlords want to rent to stable, reliable tenants – not someone who keeps his cash under the mattress. Often, tenants are asked to prove their creditworthiness during their rental application. Landlords need to check a renter’s employment and eviction history as well as some personal background. After obtaining this information, the Landlord now can make […]


“I Need to Move In a New House in Like a Week”

Here is the formula: Drive to the apartment rental office, fill out an application, they run your credit, you sign a lease and move in next day — but wait, there’s more! Hi, I’m the Marketing Team Leader for Royal Rose Properties. I answer the phone every day, taking calls from people who are interested […]


The Yin and Yang of Metro Detroit Rentals

Most cities in Metro Detroit are worlds apart. The Metro Detroit area is one of the most polarized areas in the nation. One part is populated with people who tend strongly to be low-income, low-education, and low-demographic. The other is populated with people who tend to fall much closer to the national averages in those […]


Big Challenges of Property Management: Accounting Edition

U mad, bros? When it comes to property management, every phase of the cycle has its own unique challenges. This month, we’re going to ‘go deep’ on a few of the most challenging areas of our business, talk about what our greatest challenges are, and how we’re currently trying to address them. Today, we’re talking […]


Under the Hood, Part II: The ‘No Property Left Behind’ System

Don’t worry, there are no standardized tests here — just accountability done right.   Continuing this month’s theme of ‘behind the scenes at Royal Rose Properties,’ we’re going to give you a glimpse this week into the system that Royal Rose Properties uses to make sure that every property gets attention when it needs it. […]


Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter

Renters, it turns, out, CAN be choosers! Recently we came across this detailed infographic from EZ Living Interiors ( which dispenses brilliant advice on how renters can put their own style on the residence without being given a telling-off from their landlord. It is a common sentiment amongst renters that not owning a property means […]