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The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter i

  Almost any industry comes with its own language, and when you’re a newcomer, it can all seem pretty opaque. Real estate is no exception.  You might feel a little overwhelmed if you’re just starting out as a landlord, but don’t worry. The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary has your back. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter Hs

Welcome back to the Ultimate Real Estate Glossary, where we take you through the working vocabulary of the real estate industry. We’re almost one-third of the way through the alphabet.  Any field of work always has jargon associated with it, so it pays to learn how the professionals talk!  For this edition, we’ll go through […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter Fs

  Ever been to a real estate investors’ meeting with lots of jargon and trade terms used, and you’ve got no idea what everyone else is talking about? That’s exactly the reason we’ve assembled the Ultimate Real Estate Glossary. It’s a complete guide to the vocabulary you should be familiar with while you’re working in […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter Cs

  Have you ever paused reading a real estate article just to search the meaning of the terms and jargon they use? If you’re a landlord who’s just starting out, all the terminology can seem overwhelming at first.  That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of jargon and terms in our Ultimate Real Estate […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter Bs

  New to the real estate industry? Knowing the right terms can help you learn faster, engage with your industry peers, and propel your real estate business further. Getting familiar with all the industry jargon usually takes some time, but this comprehensive real estate glossary makes it easy for you to walk and talk like […]


The Ultimate Real Estate Glossary: Letter A

The real estate industry has so many terms, it truly is its own language! Most people will tell you to just learn the real estate glossary. as you go along—eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and pick up industry vocabulary. In reality, that takes a really long time. You don’t want to spend years […]


What Will Happen to the Rental Industry if the Pandemic Lasts 2 Years?

What happens if the pandemic goes on for the next six months? The next year? What if it goes on much longer than we were originally expecting, and lasts another two years? With the way experts have been talking about the potentially slow delivery of a vaccine, that’s a possibility that’s starting to seem increasingly […]


How To Make Extra Cash From Your Rental on Airbnb

Airbnb actually now has more listing than hotels have rooms! Short-term rentals have become a booming business for people looking to make a little extra money. Online platforms like Airbnb have seen an explosion of property owners listing their properties. The rapid growth stems from travelers now opting for short-term rentals over hotels for a […]


How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Rental Property

Most property owners have moved away from traditional advertising campaigns, like print ads, and have started using some form of social media to help drive traffic. With billions of regular users and dozens of tools and apps at your disposal, you need to implement the right social media strategy for maximum exposure.  Target Your Audience […]


Tips For Photo And Video When Marketing Your Rental

The strategies you do when marketing your rental is usually highly correlated to the quality of the applicants you will find yourself screening to fill vacancies. Since most prospects will view your website and other social media platforms first, you need to seduce them with attractive photos. To find the best renters, you want as […]