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Why are Detroiters’ Water Bills Skyrocketing (And What Can Tenants Do)?

Bills, bills, bills. Utility bills are constant and never-ending. It definitely doesn’t help when costs are increasing too. Your water bill is one of them, and if it’s causing you stress, you’re not alone. Water rates have increased as much as 40% since 2010 in Michigan. Unfortunately, this upward trend is expected to continue, with […]


Lease Extension vs. Lease Renewal: What’s the Difference?

Everything seems to be going smoothly with your rental unit, but your lease agreement is about to end and you need to stay a little longer What should you do? Well, there are two options: lease extension and lease renewal. Now, you might be thinking, what’s the difference between those two options? Although similar, they […]


Tenants: Guide to Moving Rentals in Winter

Most people prefer to move to a new home during spring or summer time. Yes, it’s easier, because the kids are on school vacation, so you have more time on your hands—but it also means higher competition and higher rent. So moving in during the winter is a good option if you want to save […]


Tenants: Protect Your Security Deposit by Cleaning (Not Replacing!) Appliances

Picture this: you’ve just moved into a new rental property, excited to settle in and make it your own. You’ve paid your security deposit, and you hope to get the entire amount back by the time your lease agreement expires. Nonetheless, it’s inevitable for tenants to feel anxious about the potential deductions from their security […]


Should You Rent a Modular Home?

What do you think a modular home is? You’re a bit confused if you imagine a double-wide parked in a local mobile home park. While both modular and mobile homes are manufactured, there are significant differences between them. Yes, modular homes are manufactured in a factory, but they don’t have a chassis like a mobile […]


Don’t Get Tricked: Learn How to Spot, Avoid, and Deal with Real Estate Scams

Quality, affordable homes in inclusive communities are valuable assets that come with big commitments—or big setbacks if you’re victimized by a real estate scam. According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, in 2021 alone, nearly 12,000 victims reported real estate fraud. So, if you’re embarking on your search for […]

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