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How to Negotiate a Payment Plan with Your Landlord

Requiring rent payment during a pandemic may seem cruel, but many landlords are not rich and depend on rental income to pay their bills, including mortgage payments on their rental properties.  In Michigan, an executive order was signed by Governor Whitmer at the start of the shutdown that stopped evictions due to the pandemic, but […]


5 Tips for Protecting Your Security Deposit

Nothing is worse for a tenant than anticipating your security deposit return, only to find out that the entire amount has gone towards repairing property damages, and there’s nothing left. But handing over a security deposit is not a lost cause. There are actually ways you can maximize the amount you get back from your […]


5 Ways to Save on Electricity Bill in Times of COVID-19

  The Coronavirus outbreak has suddenly and completely altered the way we live. Over 90% of Americans are currently under some form of lockdown, which means spending the majority of our time at home. As more and more people switch to working from home (or just binge watch Netflix shows) and use their electronic devices, […]


How Much Rental Payment Can I Afford?

Chances are your rental payment is your single largest monthly expense. As rental rates are only getting more expensive, it’s important to calculate how much rent you can afford to spend each and every time you move. With such a big chunk of your monthly earnings being spent on renting your home, how can you […]


How To Find A Home To Rent With Low Credit Score

Having a low credit score doesn’t mean you’re doomed for life, but it can make some aspects of your life more trying and certainly more expensive. Rates for car loans and insurance, bank loans, and home rental can be challenging at best. You’re going to have to convince your potential landlord of why they should […]


Things You Can Do Your Own To Reduce Heating Bills

No, ‘stop paying your heating bills’ is not the correct answer. Keeping your home warm during winter can be a struggle if not correctly done which can lead to a very high electricity bill. There are many installations a person can invest in which will ensure that one’s home stays nice and warm on those […]


Renter’s Fundamentals: Eating Well on the Cheap

Turns out, you can’t learn everything you need to know from Cookie Monster. Eating well isn’t difficult — but eating well without blowing a load of money can be. To help our renters with their budgets and their well-being, we’ve put a few clutch tips together for keeping your budget tight while also keeping your […]


Seven Things You Don’t Have to Pay For (But Probably Are)

Have you ever spent too long reading Buzzfeed and gotten their title-writing style stuck in your head? “There’s a lot of benefits to renting — the wonderfully funny Adam Conover recently ‘ruined’ home ownership — but that doesn’t mean budgeting is easy, and any smart renter is always on the lookout for ways to avoid […]


Real Self-Defense: How to Live Alone and Be Safe in Detroit

ProTip: The answer isn’t to arm yourself — literally or metaphorically — it’s to learn how to avoid being a victim in the first place. Royal Rose Properties has homes in a wide variety of areas. Some are amazing neighborhoods where crime is rare and homes stay beautiful for months even between tenants…and others are […]


Tenant Life: Coping with a Small Closet

Nevermind coming out of the closet — some are too small to get into in the first place!   The house is almost perfect. There’s a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, one of your neighbors is a church and the other is a city park, and there’s one more room than you thought you’d need. […]