The City of Detroit is The Least Disaster-Prone (And Most Affordable) Place To Live


The City of Detroit is The Least Disaster-Prone (And Most Affordable) Place To Live

You’ve just moved to a new city and you thought everything was going great—but a disaster hits, there’s water everywhere, your things are soaked, and the rental home needs a major renovation.

Unfortunately, this is an inevitable reality that we don’t have control over.

In 2021, 1 in 10 American homes were hit by natural disasters.

Luckily, some places are less prone to such disasters than others.

The City of Detroit is one of the least disaster-prone places to live in the US. Plus, with its many affordable housing options available, it’s no wonder that so many people are packing their bags and heading for the Motor City. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider moving as well.

The City of Detroit and Natural Disasters

The City of Detroit may not be in the headlines often, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a noteworthy city. While natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes are a genuine concern for many cities across the country, Michigan’s biggest city has historically been largely untouched by such events.

In Redfin’s ranking for hazardous US metro areas, it ranked the 2nd least hazardous with an overall natural disaster hazard score of 10. The natural disaster hazard score takes into consideration the average frequencies of earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados, and hurricanes:

City List
Source: Redfin.


Out of all the natural disaster components for the City of Detroit’s score, flooding is the most common natural disaster that occurs in the city. As for the other natural disasters, there were no earthquakes, fires, or tornadoes—and these are the big ones that we’re often the most concerned about.

In other words, it’s score is impressive, especially when compared to the most disaster-prone metro area on the list, which is Washington at 52. Its hurricane component scored the highest at 82, followed by floods at 63. You wouldn’t want to settle down in a place like that, where your roots can be uprooted in minutes.

The City of Detroit Prices vs. Other US States

If the City of Detroit isn’t the first city that comes to your mind during your rental property search, you’re missing out on lower rent, working for booming industries, and an overall lower cost of living. Here’s the breakdown ofthose three factors that make it attractive:

1. Lower Rent Amounts

Rent amounts in the City of Detroit, whether it’s a studio or a 3-bedroom, are consistently cheaper than the average rent across the United States. The average rent ranges from $1,025 to $1,683, which is much lower than the nationwide average of $1,978.

In other words, you can get a bigger property here compared to renting with the same budget elsewhere.

Here’s a chart that shows how Detroit rent amounts fare against its bigger areas:


2. More Employment Opportunities

It has growing industries with hundreds of companies that can give you a well-paying job. Yes, it’s famous for its automotive manufacturing (hence the nickname “Motor City”). But the city provides more than that, where its economy is ideal for those working in other types of manufacturing, trade and transportation, utilities, education, health, and government services:

Source: The Perna Team.


Additionally, it has an unemployment rate of only 6.4% which has been the lowest since 2000. You can easily find a job that’ll give you the financial stability to rent a good property.

3. Overall Less Living Expenses

Healthcare, groceries, and utilities are 10.2% to 18.2% cheaper than the national average. That means your everyday and emergency expenses won’t take a toll on your finances as much as they would if you live elsewhere. Here’s a snapshot of the cost of living in the City of Detroit:

Source: Areavibes.


All in all, the City of Detroit is a major US city without the typical big city prices. Plus, it goes without saying that it is full of character and unique energy that anyone would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere—just check out these weird rules and beautiful historical spots!

The City That’s Safe, Sound, and Affordable

When choosing a place to live in, not only do you want to feel comfortable, but also safe. Lucky for you, the City of Detroit is a great place that offers affordability and safety from natural disasters. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cost of living  with the good number of opportunities it  has to offer.

If you’re thinking of moving—it’s time to put the City of Detroit on your list.

For more information about it, get in touch with our team of expert property managers today! We’re locals in Metro Detroit and can help you find your next rental.

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