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Getting Repairs Done to the Home You’re Renting

Chasing a landlord to get repairs done at a rental home is probably the biggest, most frustrating issue most tenants experience when renting. You complain, the landlord assures you it’ll be fixed, no one shows up so you complain again, someone shows up but doesn’t fix the problem and the cycle seems to go on […]


What Damages Can a Landlord Make You Pay?

You pay the rent, and so you expect your home to be reasonably maintained. Don’t forget you signed a lease, so you too, have obligations as a tenant. Keeping your home safe and livable are your landlord’s responsibilities, but issues will inevitably arise between you and a landlord, especially if you are a long-time renter, […]


10 Repairs that aren’t your Landlord’s Responsibility

Find out who is responsible for repairs and maintenance in your rented home. As a tenant you’re typically not responsible for any major home improvements for your rental home, such as repairing a leaky roof or updating carpets and appliances. However, not all damages to the home are your landlord’s responsibility. Below is a list […]


Why Aren’t the Repairs we Requested Done Yet?

Show tenants the effort being expended on their behalf while they wait. If you’re a tenant in a property managed by Royal Rose Properties, the chances are pretty good that over the course of your tenancy, something will need to be fixed. From your perspective, this is a pretty simple process: you log into your […]


How to Use Michigan’s ‘Repair and Deduct’ Policy

Step One: Call a Lawyer and Ask Them about Everything You See Here — We’re Not Lawyers, and this is Not Legal Advice! In general, if you have a problem with your rental property that causes it to no longer meet the state’s basic health, safety, and structural standards, it’s the landlord’s job to fix […]


Michigan Law and Security Deposits: A FAQ

Where does your security deposit go? What can it be used for? Learn it all here. A security deposit is an amount of money taken from a prospective tenant and held in escrow until that tenant moves out. Many tenants believe that a security deposit is only used when they move out, and only used […]


Perfecting Your Living Space with Ikea Hacks

It’s Not Like Those Instructions Made That Much Sense in the First Place… A tenant recently introduced us to a staggeringly clever website: Ikea Hackers. This is the kind of thing that every tenant with even a hint of DIY in their bones should be aware of. The projects on this website are (mostly) rental-friendly […]

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