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How Will An Eviction Impact Your Future Ability to Rent?

Did you know that getting almost-evicted might stop you from being able to get a new car? That’s right–not only do eviction proceedings impact your future rentals, but also your credit history! It will haunt you when you’re getting a loan, mortgage, or credit card for at least the next 7 years. It doesn’t even […]


Things to Ask Before Signing a Lease

So you’ve found your ideal house? Nice. Popped in for a viewing? Great. Meets your expectations? Even better.Before signing a lease, here are some of the most important questions to ask your landlord: Which Rent Payment Methods Do You Accept? Landlords’ payment terms and accepted modes of payment (e.g. cash, auto-debit, online payments, and check […]


What’s More Important to Renters – Cheap Rent or a Nice Home?

We’d like some feedback from any readers on the dilemma of what’s more important to the majority of people looking to rent a home – cheap rent or a nice home. We consistently have prospects looking at the rentals we have, telling us that they’re the nicest they’ve seen so far, but few of these […]


How To Find A Home To Rent With Low Credit Score

Having a low credit score doesn’t mean you’re doomed for life, but it can make some aspects of your life more trying and certainly more expensive. Rates for car loans and insurance, bank loans, and home rental can be challenging at best. You’re going to have to convince your potential landlord of why they should […]


“I Need to Move In a New House in Like a Week”

Here is the formula: Drive to the apartment rental office, fill out an application, they run your credit, you sign a lease and move in next day — but wait, there’s more! Hi, I’m the Marketing Team Leader for Royal Rose Properties. I answer the phone every day, taking calls from people who are interested […]


How to Tenant: The Plain-English Guide to the RRP Lease, Part I

Nope, that’s not in the rental agreement. Before you sign the Royal Rose Properties lease, read this simple, plain-English guide to what, exactly, you’re about to sign. (This post is the first part of that guide — the part where we tell you about what the lease requires you to do for us.) Your Responsibilities […]


Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter

Renters, it turns, out, CAN be choosers! Recently we came across this detailed infographic from EZ Living Interiors ( which dispenses brilliant advice on how renters can put their own style on the residence without being given a telling-off from their landlord. It is a common sentiment amongst renters that not owning a property means […]


Tips For Moving With Children

Brought to you by University Moving and Storage over in Farmington Hills.   Statistically speaking, families that have young children are the most likely to make a cross-country move. Yet young children, who don’t have the conceptual understanding or the coping abilities that adults and teenagers have, may be the most likely to be traumatized by this […]


How to Feel Like The Boss of Your Rental Home

Some of these ideas might be counterintuitive, but they’ll make a huge difference in the way you feel about your rental home. The human mind is a fascinatingly complicated thing that pulls a lot of tricks on itself. One of the more commonplace is to unconsciously treat something you’re borrowing — or renting — as […]