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How to Tenant: The Plain-English Guide to the RRP Lease, Part I

Nope, that’s not in the rental agreement. Before you sign the Royal Rose Properties lease, read this simple, plain-English guide to what, exactly, you’re about to sign. (This post is the first part of that guide — the part where we tell you about what the lease requires you to do for us.) Your Responsibilities […]


Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter

Renters, it turns, out, CAN be choosers! Recently we came across this detailed infographic from EZ Living Interiors ( which dispenses brilliant advice on how renters can put their own style on the residence without being given a telling-off from their landlord. It is a common sentiment amongst renters that not owning a property means […]


Tips For Moving With Children

Brought to you by University Moving and Storage over in Farmington Hills.   Statistically speaking, families that have young children are the most likely to make a cross-country move. Yet young children, who don’t have the conceptual understanding or the coping abilities that adults and teenagers have, may be the most likely to be traumatized by this […]


How to Feel Like The Boss of Your Rental Home

Some of these ideas might be counterintuitive, but they’ll make a huge difference in the way you feel about your rental home. The human mind is a fascinatingly complicated thing that pulls a lot of tricks on itself. One of the more commonplace is to unconsciously treat something you’re borrowing — or renting — as […]


How to Pass a Tenant Screening

Step 1: Be a low-risk, high-responsibility tenant. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit! When you’re trying to get into a rental home, there are several obstacles to be aware of. First, naturally, you need to have enough money on hand to pay all of the costs of moving — there are a lot of them. […]


5 Things To Look For In Your Next Rental

Don’t settle: get the place you really want. There’s a certain art to finding your next rental, especially if you’re looking in an area with relatively few vacancies. Even if your lease is ending or you have some other pressure to find a place yesterday, you still shouldn’t just blindly accept the first not-stanky-looking place […]


Should You Hire an Agent to Find You a Rental Home?

Many of the calls we get on our rental properties are a dead-end for us and the interested party as we don’t manage something that fits their needs or budget.  A decent number of these callers tell us how difficult a time they’re having finding a home and complain about the time they’re investing in […]


How to Rent a Home in a Hot Detroit Area Market

The hot rental market in several metro Detroit areas is making it very difficult to find a nice rental home. How many homes have you called on recently that have already been taken? If you’re looking in areas like Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, etc. than it probably happens often. We’ve experienced extremely high call volumes on rental […]