5 Greenest and Freshest Places to Explore in Metro Detroit


5 Greenest and Freshest Places to Explore in Metro Detroit

Lafayette Plaisance Park with shaded lawns and walking paths for locals
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When people think about Detroit, the first thing that comes to mind is automotive manufacturing. And for good reason. The city has a long and proud history in the automotive industry, and it is still going strong today.

However, there’s a lot more in Metro Detroit that makes it a fresh place to live and to invest in.

While it may sound contradictory, Metro Detroit has a growing green space. From urban farming projects to community gardens, Detroiters are working hard to make their city a more sustainable, healthier place for its residents. 

Whether you’re someone looking for greener places to live or you’re a real estate investor seeking quality neighborhoods for your next home purchase, Detroit has it all. Here are the most environmentally-friendly areas Metro Detroit has to offer.

1. Livonia, Michigan

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With 1,400 acres of nature areas and recreational spaces, 60 parks, and 22 neighborhood parks, the City of Livonia, Michigan, boasts public green space. In fact, Livonia was included in Popular Science Magazine’s top 50 Green Cities in the US.

Michigan Green Communities recognized Livonia for environmental leadership, seeing that it cares about its natural resources way more than others. You have your choice of miles of nature trails, walking and cycling paths, golf courses, swim clubs, and recreational facilities, such as the Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center, Livonia Family YMCA, and St. Joe’s Sports Dome at Schoolcraft College. 

Livonia’s Greenleaf Mission on sustainability also continues to implement environmentally-friendly practices in the city, encouraging energy efficiency, conservation projects, green initiatives, and responsible green redevelopment. 

3. Southfield


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The City of Southfield, Michigan, is famous for its abundant natural beauty. There are more than 780 acres of parkland across 33 sites, 2 public golf courses, nature and fitness trails, and other recreational facilities. You’ve also got space for baseball diamonds and volleyball courts—many of which are lined with mature, towering trees. 

Southfield has always been progressive and ecologically friendly, striving to protect its land with numerous policies and programs. Its elected officials are fully committed to preserving its natural areas, such as protecting 800 acres of parkland, which includes 400 acres of woodlands and wetlands. 

Policies and programs like these are what enabled Southfield to win the following awards:

  • 2008 Quality of Life award
  • 2008 Project of the Year award for the Municipal Complex South Parking Lot Project
  • 2008 Project of the Year award for the Carpenter Lake Restoration Project

There’s also the “Southfield Goes Green” environmental awareness campaign that revamped the “green” city website, sharing detailed information on what Southfield residents can do to be more eco-friendly. Truly, both authorities and civilians are contributing to the green lifestyle here in Southfield!

Southfield’s award-winning Parks & Recreation programs and facilities are also what makes this city nature-friendly. In all, it’s a great place to spend your weekends and attend outdoor concerts or enroll your kid in sports leagues.

4. West Bloomfield & Farmington / Farmington Hills

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We can’t end this article without mentioning West Bloomfield and Farmington / Farmington Hills—a city with an impressive love for all things fresh and green.

West Bloomfield has one of the most extensive trail systems in the region, where the former railroad track is converted into a 64-acre linear park. This park stretches 6.8 miles through West Bloomfield, Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor, and Sylvan Lake—filled with joggers, cyclists, bike racks, picnic tables, and benches for resting and enjoying scenic overlooks.

Just a stone’s throw away from West Bloomfield is also the 2 cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills, where there’s a 222-acre historic Heritage Park of rolling hills, creeks, woods, and bird habitats. You can enjoy 4.5 miles of walking and nature study trails over the summer, and engage in snow-related activities like skiing and sledding over the winter.

5. Central Park’s Old Rival – Detroit’s Belle Isle

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Finally, we have to end this list with a grand finale: Belle Isle. This 982-acre island park is a stunning area that also has a fascinating history. In fact, Belle Isle once rivaled New York’s Central Park for its size and outdoor activities. Over the years, it has continued to thrive and attracted the attention of locals and tourists alike. 

For residents who live just north of the island, it’s only a short trip over the MacArthur Bridge to a ton of flora and fauna to explore. With everything from a baseball field to a yacht club—Belle Isle has it all. Whatever outdoor activities you enjoy, you’ll find a way to entertain yourself here. 

While there’s no housing on the island itself, the neighboring areas benefit immensely from having such a massive park nearby. For those who like being near green space, this park is a huge selling point. It’s a great place to spend the day if you’ve got a family to entertain or you just want to escape the density of the city.

Live Clean, Live Green: Call Metro Detroit Your Home

All over Metro Detroit, there are thriving sustainable and eco-friendly communities for you to explore. Whether you’re in the market to move or to invest, consider the cities of Ann Arbor, Livonia, Southfield, West Bloomfield, and Farmington/Farmington Hills. They’re great places attracting tons of nature lovers and environmentally-conscious folks.

Not sure where to begin? Our team of property managers and local Detroiters can help!

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