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Squatter Scams Creeping Back in Detroit

As the rental market in Detroit continues to heat up, landlords are facing a growing challenge: squatter scams. These malicious schemes involve individuals illegally occupying rental properties, often with the intent to exploit landlords and tenants alike. Now, squatters have become increasingly adept at exploiting legal loopholes to gain unlawful access to rental units. That […]


Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-05

We’re unaware of any other local management company sending their clients these updates! Please share this with anyone interested in real estate investing or looking for a better property manager, so they can see what they are missing! CITY DETROIT EVICTIONS UPDATE Detroit’s 36th District Court is still taking on average 4-6 weeks longer than standard […]


Detroit Overtakes Miami as the US’ Fastest-Appreciating Housing Market

A unique narrative takes center stage in the 2024 real estate market’s unfolding landscape. Eclipsing the conventional downturn trend observed nationwide, the spotlight now shines on Detroit. It not only stages a remarkable comeback but emerges as the premier real estate investment opportunity, outpacing the traditionally favored Miami. Presenting a Positive Outlook for Detroit The […]


How to Beat the Rental Competition?

Whether you’re managing a handful of rental properties or you’re building your real estate empire, the stress of finding tenants is no joke. Even seasoned pros can feel the pressure when a property sits vacant, leaving us staring at those mortgage payments and dreaming of far-off vacations or a nice dinner out. Now, if you’re […]


Rents are Falling – What Can Landlords Do About It?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the rental market, you’ve likely noticed a significant shift in rent prices across the US. The once steady climb has taken a downward turn, particularly in the southern half of the country. Even in the North and Midwest, where prices have remained relatively low, the lack of availability […]


$3B in Investment Coming to Detroit & What Landlords Should Do About It

Have you heard the buzz about the exciting $3 billion development coming to Detroit’s New Center area? This collaboration involves big players like Henry Ford Health, the Detroit Pistons, and Michigan State University. You might be curious: how will this affect your real estate portfolio? We’ll examine each new investment and analyze what it means […]


1031 Rules in Michigan: What to Know if You’re Selling Your Rental

Among the most advantageous, yet intricate, mechanisms available to landlords is the 1031 exchange – a tax-deferral strategy that, when executed correctly, can significantly enhance the profitability and sustainability of your real estate portfolio. Named after Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, this provision allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the sale […]


Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-04

We’re not aware of any other local management company sending their clients these types of updates! Please be sure to share this with anyone you know interested in real estate investing or looking for a better property manager, so they can see what they are missing! EVICTIONS UPDATE We’re not having many issues with evictions […]


How to Make Tenants Pay for Repairs

One of the critical duties of a landlord is keeping your rental property in tip-top shape. It’s also your job to make sure you’ve set aside enough to cover repairs and maintenance for your rentals. But it’s NOT your job to pay for every single thing – like when a tenant breaks a window, for […]


The 2024 NFL Draft – What it Means for Detroit Investors

The City of Detroit will be hosting the NFL draft for the first time this week. This isn’t just big news for football fans, it’s also one of those things that should make property investors sit up and take notice. So, although we don’t normally talk about pro sports here, this time we’re going to […]

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