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Seven Things You Don’t Have to Pay For (But Probably Are)

Have you ever spent too long reading Buzzfeed and gotten their title-writing style stuck in your head? “There’s a lot of benefits to renting — the wonderfully funny Adam Conover recently ‘ruined’ home ownership — but that doesn’t mean budgeting is easy, and any smart renter is always on the lookout for ways to avoid […]


Real Self-Defense: How to Live Alone and Be Safe in Detroit

ProTip: The answer isn’t to arm yourself — literally or metaphorically — it’s to learn how to avoid being a victim in the first place. Royal Rose Properties has homes in a wide variety of areas. Some are amazing neighborhoods where crime is rare and homes stay beautiful for months even between tenants…and others are […]


Tenant Life: Coping with a Small Closet

Nevermind coming out of the closet — some are too small to get into in the first place!   The house is almost perfect. There’s a dishwasher and a garbage disposal, one of your neighbors is a church and the other is a city park, and there’s one more room than you thought you’d need. […]


The Best Way to Decimate Your Entertainment Budget: A MAP

Seriously, who doesn’t love LEGOLAND? (Barefoot people don’t count.) We understand that life without entertainment sucks. We get it! We all occasionally spend money we shouldn’t on things we don’t need, strictly because what we do need is a break — some downtime where we can relax and enjoy something without having to worry about […]


The Unforeseen Challenges of Renting Solo

Living alone doesn’t have to crimp your style — just know what your problems are going to be, and get them before they get you. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving out of your Dad’s house, or the dorm where you shared a kitchen with six other people — when you move into your first […]


Furnishing Your New Home Without Breaking the Bank

If you can afford rent, you can afford furniture — as long as you’re willing to take it one piece at a time. Moving into your new rental home can be quite exciting, but it can also be draining — particularly on the wallet. Obtaining all of the furniture you might need isn’t easy, especially […]


How to Budget For Life in a Rental Home

Step One: Make Some Money If you’re moving into a rental for the first time, you might be surprised and how complicated it can be to keep track of your money, even when it comes to something as simple as paying your rent on time. Creating a budget is one of those skills that everyone […]


5 Things You Should Know About Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s Insurance is a vital part of being a tenant, whether your landlord actually requires it or not. Man, I hate Murphy. Whoever he is, that guy’s Laws have really been the bane of so many people’s lives. Fortunately, that’s why we have the insurance industry: because things go wrong with startling regularity. Unfortunately, there’s […]


Lower Your Food Bill and Eat Healthier: Join a CSA

Lots of our tenants have trouble paying their monthly bills, and unfortunately food costs are revving up to jump again this summer. We’re always interested in lowering our own costs, so we occasionally assign someone to look into money-saving tips we can share with our tenants. Every once in a while, we come up with […]