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5 Unique Ways to Keep Cool As The City Heats Up

ProTip: Blasting the AC full-bore all summer long isn’t the right answer. The best way to get the chills this summer is to leave your air conditioning on all day and all night — the electric bill you’ll get each month will freeze your blood. Instead, here’s a few cheap and clever ways to keep […]


How to Manage on a ‘Strapped’ Budget — with Your Landlord’s Help

If you’re reading this, You’re half-way there. We’ve all been there — when ‘two paychecks away from living out on the street’ turns into ‘unemployed and praying for a stay of eviction.’ Fortunately, there are tools that you have at your disposal right now that can help — but it all starts with a high-power […]


How To Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

No, the Answer Isn’t ‘Move South.’ If you’re concerned cold weather this winter is going to drive your heating bill up to terrifying heights, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce your heating bill – even as a tenant in someone else’s home. We won’t advise you to do […]


Renting a Property — How Much Rental Can You Afford?

Don’t aim for Park Place if your budget is more Atlantic Avenue. Renting a property may be a shorter-term commitment than taking out a mortgage and purchasing a home, but you should still make sure how much rent you can afford before shopping for a place to live. Most landlords are going to analyze your […]


Smile Your Way to Some Savings

Many of our tenants don’t have medical insurance, much less dental insurance. ┬áThere is an affordable way to protect your smile. We’re always trying to find ways to help out our tenants as we realize times our tough. So, when we met a representative from Baker College’s Dental Hygiene program and heard what they had […]