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What Do Modern Tenants Want? To Be People First-Part 1

Specialization is for insects. -Robert A. Heinlein It’s almost impossible to estimate the impact that the Internet has had on modern tenants these days. We are, as a nation, more connected, better-informed, and more willing to tackle problems — as long as there’s a how-to guide on YouTube or Heinlein’s quote about specialization is becoming a […]


Finding the Value in Less-Valuable Property

The Answer Is Not ‘Find Buried Treasure Under It.’ Sorry. One of the often-repeated lessons in the thousands of “Property Investment for Beginners” websites, seminars, classes, and other material out there is the simple precept Don’t Invest in Low-Income Neighborhoods (or some variation on that theme.) But like every rule in life, there are exceptions […]


Overdue Rent: When to Let it Slide — and Why

“My dog ate my rent payment!” – soon-to-be-evicted tenant As a property manager, one of your most regular jobs — literally regular, like clockwork — is collecting rent. Usually, every tenant you oversee has signed the same lease agreement, which means that they all owe their rent on the same day, with the same length […]


Questions to Ask a Potential Property Manager, Part 3

“How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” — Sample Question not appearing on this list. If you’ve been following along, you know the drill by now — we’re talking about questions that you should be asking a potential property manager before you sign them on to manage […]


Top Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Manager: Part 2

You’ve asked your prospective property manager everything you need to know to believe that they’re going to treat your tenants with the proper mix of respect and authority. Now, it’s time to determine how they’re going to treat your property itself: Do You Have Someone Available 24/7 For Emergencies? If a tenant’s furnace breaks down […]


Top Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Manager: Part 1

So you’ve decided to hire a property manager — awesome! But how do you know which property manager is the right one? There are two basic steps: do your own research, and once you’ve gotten a short list of PMs you’d be willing to give a shot, interview each of them and write down the […]


Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Rent: Renovating a House

Renovate (ren-oh-VAIT), v: “to make new again,” from the Latin reno meaning “money pit,” (see Reno, Nevada) + vate meaning “the act of upending your wallet into.” c. 13th century British. Renovating a home after a client has given it to your property management company to oversee is pretty much part-and-parcel of today’s PMing world. […]


Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Rent: Cleaning Between Tenants

Doing a serious deep-clean before the first tenant is a must, but between tenants, it’s often just a waste of money. When you get that notice from a tenant that says “Candace is out — peace,” you know what needs to happen, and one of those things is that you need to get the place […]


Advanced Property Management, Part IV: Property vs. Asset Management

“Hey, RRP. We just purchased a property out of foreclosure, and we know nothing about it.” There’s few times more hectic in a property manager’s life than the moment that a client calls you with those words. You know, right away, that you’re going to be a busy manager for the next few days at […]


The Crime Free Lease Addendum: Is This A Good Thing?

Are We Penalizing The Right People, The Right Way? In 2009, Saginaw passed a law requiring landlords to include a section in their lease agreements dubbed the ‘Crime Free Lease Addendum.’ In March of this year, Buena Vista Township (adjacent to Saginaw) passed the same law. In essence, this addendum adds a section to the […]

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