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The Complete Guide to DIY Credit Checks for Tenant Screening

Step one: screen every tenant. No exceptions! Tenant screening is a topic we are extremely keen on, because it’s one of those factors that makes a big difference in your profitability as a property manager or real estate investor. It’s also one of those tasks that’s just annoying enough and obscure enough that it’s remarkably […]


How to Write Rental Ads for Income Challenged Neighborhoods

Hint: low-income people are just like everyone else, but with less money. Advertising is all about matching the message you’re sending to the audience you’re sending it to. If you’re advertising a multi-million dollar villa on the French Riviera, you want your message to be focused on everything someone moving to the French Riviera wants: […]


Rental Inspections: When, Why, and How

If you’re not keeping track of the condition of your rental properties, who is? There are four basic kinds of rental property inspections that a property manager or investor should perform regularly: move-in, move-out, drive-by, and in-home. If you’re not doing all four (or having them done by someone you trust), you’re putting yourself into […]


How to Renovate With the Bottom Line in Mind

There are several goals you could renovate toward; make sure you’re pointing in the right direction! This isn’t an article about what to renovate — there are tons of those on the Internet, and we’ve even written a couple ourselves. This is an article about how to renovate: about changes you can make to the […]


The Most Common Tenant Complaints  

Managing one or more rental properties means you will naturally have to handle a variety of tenant concerns and complaints. Below are some of the most commonly stated tenant complaints, with tips on how to avoid or deal with each. From disagreements about the return of a security deposit to property access, and even commonplace repairs […]


Is This Repair/Maintenance or Capital Expenditure?

The account you get to write the check from matters for several reasons. Property investors who deal in residential property might not be as familiar with terms like ‘CapEx’ (that’s Capital Expenditure) than those who deal in commercial structures, but knowing the difference between CapEx and Repair/Maintenance can help you figure out how to maximize […]


You Got 49 Problems, But This Tenant Ain’t One

We could probably have brainstormed another 50, but we didn’t want to run into intellectual property issues. Last week, we talked a bit about how to know if a property management company wasn’t right for you. Today, we’re taking a step down the chain and having a bit of fun: here’s 49 reasons why a […]


How to Evaluate a Property Manager: Deal-Breakers

Some things you can brush off. These you can’t. Property management is one of many industries that operate on what market analysts call “asymmetry of information.” In other words, you as a client don’t know much about how a property management office actually functions — all you can do is look at what information you […]


A Property Manager’s Guide to Outsourcing

Because sometimes insourcing is counterproductive. Property managers need a lot of people on their team. At the minimum, an effective property manager needs to be able to prep a new home to make it rent-ready, get a tenant into the home, collect rent, evict problem tenants, provide maintenance of the home through both occupied and […]


5 Things A Property Manager Does For A Home Investor

One heck of a lot more than the guys who put out ads like this: Sometimes, it’s easy for a property manager to forget that there are home investors out there who simply don’t know why they might want to hire a property manager. If you own an investment residence — or you’re planning on […]

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