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Perfect 10 — Or Problem Tenant? Part I: The Basics

It’s not always easy to tell which tenants are going to be a hassle. We’ve all had problem tenants before — people who decided that they could use the walls of their rental for throwing-knife practice, people who routinely revved up their un-muffled motorbikes at 3am, and so on. The only thing you can do […]


Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Rental Properties

Will more cities start requiring them? The smoke caused by house fires can be detected in numerous ways without a smoke detector; heat, smell, sight, sound and even taste. We can detect smoke in our homes with all our five senses. CO or Carbon Monoxide on the other hand is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It […]


When Should Landlords Require Renter’s Insurance?

Many landlords worry over scaring away tenants resulting in longer vacancies if they require renter’s insurance – but not requiring it could cost even more. The initial reaction of many landlords to the subject of renter’s insurance is, “my property is insured, so why should I care?” On the surface this response seems obvious and […]


Oakland County Tax Foreclosure Auction – Part II

The 2nd round of the Oakland County (MI) tax foreclosure auction was just held and the county treasurer’s office is calling it a success. Due to a scheduling conflict, it was held at Ultimate Soccer Arenas – which turned out to be a much better venue for a public auction than the county auditorium where […]


Preventive Property Maintenance

You can pay a little now, or a lot later… We just took over the management of a tenant occupied property, where the property owner had been a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) landlord for many years. We were told the property was in fine condition. Fortunately, we send out a survey to tenants when we take over […]


True Cost of DIY Rent-Ready Work after Tenant Move-Out

How much does it really cost you to get your property Rent-Ready when a tenant moves out? We know a property owner that had tenants move out of a rental property in November and the property still isn’t ready to rent out 7 months later.  He insists he’s “saving money” by doing most of the […]


Detroit Area Investing – The City versus the Suburbs

Either can make you money, but have you really considered everything when evaluating the risk versus reward of each? It seems almost every day someone’s asking us about buying investment properties in the City of Detroit. While there’s nothing wrong with investing in Detroit properties, we’re amazed at the general naiveté of those asking us […]