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The Right Way to Handle A Move-In Checklist

The Wrong Way is “Not Handling It At All.” If you’re not familiar with property management paperwork, rest assured there’s a lot of it — so much, in fact, that many landlords are tempted to not deal with it whenever the opportunity presents itself. One classic example: the Move-In Checklist. For the renter, a move-in […]


Renting To Tenants with Pets: Countering the Expense

How Much Is that Puppy In Your Window…Going To Cost You? Tenants who have pets bring a unique kind of risk with them. On the one hand, people with pets tend to be more laid back. On the other hand, pets tend to occasionally damage goods and property just by their nature. (If you’ve ever […]


How to Not Get Sued (Much): Property Manager’s Edition

The Best Way to Win in Court Is to Stay Out of Court Every property manager has had — or will have – that sinking sensation you get from being served with notice of a suit at some point. Being sued is a reality of the job, but it is possible to reduce the likelihood […]


Is It The Right Time To Consider Selling Your Investment Property? (NO!)

Show Yourself The Money! One of the constant questions a real estate investor asks themselves is: “Will I be better off if I sell right now?” There’s the constant temptation of liquidating and cashing out any gains you’ve already made, especially with the recent real estate market crash so fresh in most investor’s minds. Of […]


Do Your Renters Run Businesses Out Of Their Homes?

There’s No Business Like Home Business When Home Business Is Your Business The Small Business Administration recently pointed out that almost half of all businesses in the United States are home-based businesses. The Department of Housing and Urban Development tells us that 35.9% of Americans are renting, as of last quarter. Assuming an average distribution, […]


How to Keep the Move-Out Process Smooth and Easy

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday’s Tenant When a tenant decides to leave, it’s never an easy time to be a property owner. There’s a lot to do after the tenant is gone — but there’s also a lot to do as the tenant is leaving, as well. At Royal Rose Properties, we […]


The Startling Effects of Poor Tenant Screening Practices

You hurt more than just yourself when you screen poorly. We’re going to start this with some scary statistics collected by a research firm in Boston, all of them about landlords who “do it alone” and don’t rely on the services of a property management company: 66% of them do not conduct Sex Offender Registry […]


Natural Disasters: Where Should Your Focus Be?

Put people over property…but don’t forget the property! Natural disasters are rare, fortunately, but they happen — and when they do, they can bankrupt an investor and leave a property manager shy a client and a building. So what can we do, if the worst comes to worst, to help our clients survive a major […]


Renovation for Rental vs. Renovation for Flipping: What’s the Difference?

Don’t judge a house by it’s curb appeal…unless you’re selling. Renovating a property should always add value to it, or else what’s the point? But that doesn’t mean that all renovations are the same — because not all value is the same. Different people value different things. The question is, can we establish some firm […]


Even People Who Move Don’t Go Far: The Importance of Local Reputation

Capture your share of the moving-within-town market! We stumbled across a fascinating infographic by recently, and it got us to thinking. According to the graphic linked above — and we’re pretty confident that knows their stuff — more than 1 in 10 families have moved each year for the past few years. More […]

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