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Penny-Wise, but Dollar-Foolish Property Owners

We know of a property that’s been up for rent for around 4 months. The property is on a main road, so it gets a lot of visibility, being exposed to morning and afternoon rush hour traffic.  The owner has a sign in front of the house with a phone number and extension.  The number […]


How Long Does it Take to Find a Tenant?

Every time a property we manage goes vacant, the first thing the property owner wants to know is, how fast can we find another tenant to put in it. This makes perfect sense as most property owners either have a mortgage on their property that needs to be paid or they’re living off the cashflow […]


Another Reason NOT to Delay Tenant Evictions

Very few people actually like to be perceived as a “bad guy” or “bad cop”.  Most of us want everyone to like us and will avoid conflict when possible. Unfortunately, acting this way with tenants will cost a landlord more in the long run. That’s why it’s so important as a landlord to be firm […]


Metro Detroit Landlords Should Turn Neighbors into Spies

You can’t always be inspecting your Metro Detroit area rental properties, but you don’t have to – if you get neighbors to help you! We’ve always made it a practice of introducing ourselves to the neighbors of the Metro Detroit area homes we manage.  We give them our card and ask them to contact us if the tenants are […]


Flipping versus Buy & Hold Strategies in Michigan

A real estate investor’s strategy should take into account goals, cashflows and the property. Over the years the debate between these two strategies has left a lot of real estate investors believing the two are mutually exclusive. Many investors though, should be studying how they can leverage the two for even greater returns. Let’s study […]


Top Ten Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Rentals

We are always running into people that want to get involved in rental real estate, but don’t know where to start. It’s really not that hard, but you do need a plan.  Even better, find an experienced mentor that can assist you through the challenges and give you real advice. So, what do we tell novice […]


The Great Values in Detroit Area Rental Properties

Now is one of the best times ever to expand rental holdings – low prices & rising rents! Google “rental vacancy rates” or “rising rents”.  Go ahead, I dare you. What you’ll find are a lot of articles from all manner  experts predicting rents will be going up in the near future.  Of course, you’ll […]


An Easy Way to Handle Appliance Repairs in Your Detroit Area Rental Properties

Both DTE Energy and Consumers Energy offer “Appliance Service Plans” that can make life easy for do-it-yourself property owners in the metro Detroit area. You’ve filled your latest vacancy, got the tenant in with all the necessary documents & disclosures signed and everything should just be on auto-pilot from here on out, right? Wrong! Murphy’s […]


Tenants Setting Up Property Owners for Lawsuits

How do you protect yourself?  This is a great topic property owners need to be aware of! We ran across a great article recently about protecting yourself from liability when you enter your property for a repair or inspection. In our sue-happy “civilization”, it seems everyone will sue whoever they perceive to have the money. […]


Selecting a Property Manager – What to Ask?

Property managers come in all “shapes, sizes & flavors”.  You’ll only be happy with the one that meets all your expectations. Choosing a property manager (PM) for your rental portfolio is one of the most important tasks you’ll undertake to insure your real estate investment future. In searching for a manager, you’ll want to do […]

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