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How to Hire a Property Manager for Your Rental

This is one situation where DIY has gone DNR. Why would you want to hire a property manager when you could very well manage your new rental property on your own? There’s quite a few reasons, actually. Property managers: Have access to in-depth market information that will help you maximize your profit by choosing the […]


The Most Cost-Effective Renovations for Improving Property Values

Location, Curb Appeal, Value for Dollar, Location. That’s more like it. No matter what they want to tell you, it’s not just ‘location, location, location’ anymore. People looking for new homes are actually looking at the home itself these days, not just where it’s located. The term ‘curb appeal’ took off in the 80s, and […]


Is This a Good Rental Investment? Part IV: The Final Overview

The most important eyes you can get on the property you’re considering…are someone else’s. So, you’ve found a decent property in a decent neighborhood. You’ve run the numbers and determined that it will be profitable. You’ve even looked into the cost of repairs and decided that you can afford it. You’re ready to move forward […]


Let’s Talk Property Insurance: What An Owner Needs, Wants, and Should Have

Don’t unnecessarily expose yourself. When you’re renting out property, risks are a part of the game. Insuring yourself against the most common and most dangerous risks should be a standard operating procedure. Unfortunately, many landlords don’t know what’s out there, much less what they need. That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of insurance that we […]


5 Quick Ways to Increase Curb Appeal Before You Rent

Even if there’s no curb, you still need curb appeal. There’s always a tug-of-war when you’re getting a rental property ready to show to a new prospect. On the one hand, you want the place to look better than it already does, no matter how good it looks now. On the other hand, you have […]


Investing in Detroit Real Estate from Abroad? Don’t Get Scammed!

Not just Detroit real estate — if you’re investing in real estate at all, read this first. There are a lot of good reasons why international investing is difficult. Generally, we think of it as easier to invest in US stocks, bonds, and real estate than it would be to invest elsewhere. The truth, however, […]


Is This A Good Rental Investment? Part III: What Repairs Will This Place Need?

Even an otherwise-excellent investment property can become your Kryptonite if it needs too much work or you spend too much. We’re assuming by now that you’re reading this because you’re looking into becoming a real-estate tycoon and you want to know whether that rental investment you’ve got your eye on is likely to be worth […]


Are Downtowns Becoming Cool Again? A Landlord’s Perspective

Americans are changing the way we think about the urban core…again. Since 2008, downtown office vacancies nationwide have increased to 12.4% — but suburban office vacancies are at a huge 16.6%. What’s going on? Well, there are a lot of theories, but the one that’s gaining the most traction is that the post-WWII migration toward […]


Writing Your Own Lease Agreement: The Devil’s In The Details

Your lease should make life easier on you and on your tenants. If you’ve ever had reason to pay attention, you’d notice that most of the sizeable property management firms around Detroit use their own lease agreements. Why? Simple: because as you manage more and more properties, you come across more and more circumstances that […]


A Landlord’s New Years Resolutions

You know, the ones that you should actually keep. Welcome to the fresh new year, with new beginnings all around. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been planning your New Year’s resolutions since just after you finished telling everyone what you were thankful for several weeks ago. Around here, the New Years resolutions look something […]

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