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The DIY Landlord’s Guide to Writing Property Ads

People hate being sold to by the stereotype of the used car dealer. So you’ve got a property that’s ready to have someone move in. So how do you get someone to move in without spending a boatload of money marketing it? This is exactly what the Internet is good for! So today we’re going […]

The DIY Landlord’s Guide to What ‘Rent Ready’ Means

Warm, cozy and safe – might not be all that tenants look for when deciding to rent your property. So you’ve got yourself a single-family residence that no one is living in, and you’ve decided that you want to rent it out to make some side money, and you’ve decided that you’re going to personally […]

Under the Hood, Part II: The ‘No Property Left Behind’ System

Don’t worry, there are no standardized tests here — just accountability done right.   Continuing this month’s theme of ‘behind the scenes at Royal Rose Properties,’ we’re going to give you a glimpse this week into the system that Royal Rose Properties uses to make sure that every property gets attention when it needs it. […]

How to Lose a Customer: The Power of a Bad Impression

It only takes one bad expression to leave a bad impression. Royal Rose Properties recently signed a new owner, took over management of their single property, and was fired by that owner, all within a month. It was a shock to us; first time it’s happened in years. When we sat down to review exactly […]

Why Isn’t My Property Renting? Part III: Showing and Closure

Even the best ad in the world can’t save you from a showing agent having a bad hair month. So having followed the suggestions laid out in Parts I and II, you’ve reached the point at which your house looks good, everything is in good repair, you have good pictures, your ad is well-written and […]

Rental Marketing Analysis: What the Crunched Numbers Mean

Number Crunch is like Captain Crunch meets alphabet soup. Only it’s nothing like that at all. The numbers from the first part of this post vary for a lot of reasons, and unfortunately it’s difficult for a DIY landlord to figure out what they’re ‘supposed’ to be. Every season, every neighborhood, every website you can […]

Rental Marketing Analysis: How to Crunch the Numbers

Holla if you played Number Crunchers in elementary school. In modern rental marketing, there are several distinct stages that a person passes through on the way from ‘person who has seen one of your ads’ to ‘signed tenant.’ In modern rental marketing analysis, each transition between those stages is something that can and should be […]

SEO for Property Managers: A Primer, Part III: Off-Page SEO

Why and how would you need to do a bunch of stuff on other people’s web pages in order to boost your own page’s rankings? The answer is in the links. Last time: On-Page SEO. In part I, we talked about how SEO for Property Managers has changed in the past decade, and part II […]

SEO for Property Managers: A Primer, Part II: On-Page SEO

Some of this is more accurately described as “on-site,” but that just gets confusing, so we’ll stick with the on-page/off-page categories.   Last Time: What Is SEO? Welcome to part 2 of our five-week-long primer on SEO for property managers. ┬áThis week, we’re talking about the kinds of optimizations you can perform on your company’s […]

Segmenting the Rental Market, Part 2: Generations

We’re exploring the difference between how old someone is and which generation they were born into. In Part 1, we talked a bit about how it’s possible to ‘target’ a rental ad to one of the three major age groups (18-35/36-65/65+) by emphasizing different values for yourself and your home. Today, we’re going to talk […]