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2023 Metro Detroit Real Estate Forecast for Rental Property Investors

Is 2023 a good time to invest in Metro Detroit rental properties? To help you evaluate, we’ve collected evidence-based trends on the real estate market for you to review. Although this article isn’t a comprehensive source for you to make final investment decisions, the information will give you a good grasp of the real estate […]


The Ultimate Guide to Know Where to Invest in Rental Properties

You’ve already got your first rental property—or a few—and now you want to broaden your portfolio. Should you stick to the same area, or expand into new locations to diversify? And if you want to look to greener pastures, what critical factors should you keep in mind? If you’re looking for a hot rental to […]


How Do I Know I Can Trust My Tenant?

Screening tenants and finding the right tenant that aligns with your expectations can be tricky business. You’ve invested in your rental property with your hard-earned money. Ultimately, you want a tenant that would take care of the place as if it was their own and pay their rent on time. Of course, you’ll need a […]


Rental Safety Standards in 2023: Know What to Look Out For

As landlords, you are responsible for giving tenants a safety place to come home to every day. That’s why property inspections are essential—ensuring that rental investments meet safety standards making them legal. Plus, by conducting regular inspections, landlords can identify problems early on and nip them in the bud before they result in more significant […]


Quiz Time! Are You Ready to Purchase a Home?

A Zillow survey quizzed people on their knowledge of the housing market versus pop culture. The results? More than half (51%) knew more about breakups and kickoffs than appraisals and pre-approvals. That’s scary, especially considering buying a house is a massive undertaking. So, let’s see how well you know the home-buying process. Try to answer […]


How to Avoid High Tenant Turnover Costs to Protect Your Cash Flow

Incredible friendships are painful to lose; the same goes for losing those one-of-a-kind tenants. The ones you let you know they’ve just fixed the kitchen pipe on their own account, ask before they plow the back lawn—that kind. So, when a long-time renter ups and leaves without so much as a goodbye and the last […]


The Huge Rent Bubble in the Room that No Investors Want to Talk About, But Should

The market was doing well…until it wasn’t. In the past 8 months, the US rental market did a complete turnaround, ending the 20-month streak of increasing rent amounts across 27 of the 40 biggest cities. Prices fell by 0.1% in August 2022, according to, much to every investor’s despair—and may now threaten investment returns. […]

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