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A Landlord’s New Years Resolutions

You know, the ones that you should actually keep. Welcome to the fresh new year, with new beginnings all around. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been planning your New Year’s resolutions since just after you finished telling everyone what you were thankful for several weeks ago. Around here, the New Years resolutions look something […]


The Power of Great Relationships (With Your Tenants)

If You Can’t Rent To the One You Love, Love the One You Rent To. Ask any successful entrepreneur who has been in business for more than a couple of years, and they’ll tell you: it’s cheaper and easier to keep an existing client than it is to find a new one. The same applies […]


How to Handle an Emergency At Your Rental

However unlikely, you need to be prepared! Real emergencies are thankfully rare, but they do occasionally happen — and when they do, you need to be prepared and act accordingly to avoid making the problem worse, minimizing your liability exposure and taking care of your tenants. The most efficient way to handle an emergency is […]


4 Simple Tricks that Make Being a Landlord a Little More Profitable

Landlords that get creative are landlords that keep tenants and make more money! Being a landlord is hardly all sitting down and raking in profits because you’re nice enough to let someone else live in your house — there’s a lot of work involved! Keeping your tenants in your properties and paying on time are […]


Who Is Your Best Ally in Fighting Crime at Your Properties?

You may be surprised to learn it’s your tenants! There’s no such thing as a neighborhood with no crime. There are neighborhoods with less reported crime, and there are those areas that are plainly high-crime neighborhoods — but no matter where your property is located, you’re eventually going to have to deal with crime. If […]


Broken Leases – How Much Do Tenants Owe?

The better this is defined in your lease, the better your chances of actually collecting something! So, here’s a scenario for you: a new tenant signs a lease and gives every indication that they’re about to move in…and then something comes up and they have to turn around and leave. They ask you to return […]


Mistakes Landlords Make, Part II

We admitted to a few moderately spectacular bungles last week — let’s do it again! Last week, we talked about some of the mistakes that landlords make — and we’re going to keep it up this week, too. Let’s get right into it! Dealing with Tenants Don’t get caught in a repair frenzy: Be careful […]


Mistakes Landlords Make, Part I

We’ve been a lot less than perfect over the years — maybe you can learn a bit from some of our ‘favorite’ mistakes. No one is perfect — and while landlords aren’t any worse than anyone else, our mistakes can certainly cost a lot more than most people’s. We’d like to share with you some […]


Metro Detroit Landlords Should Turn Neighbors into Spies

You can’t always be inspecting your Metro Detroit area rental properties, but you don’t have to – if you get neighbors to help you! We’ve always made it a practice of introducing ourselves to the neighbors of the Metro Detroit area homes we manage.  We give them our card and ask them to contact us if the tenants are […]

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