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Are You A Landlord’s Nightmare Tenant?

We’ve all heard horror stories of bad landlords, or Slumlords. Hopefully, you’ve never rented from one!  There are also Slum-tenants out there destroying homes and avoiding paying rent. Hopefully, you’re not a Slum-tenant, but you may be majorly annoying your landlord without even meaning to. Do you grind a landlord’s gears? Let’s take a look. […]


What Damages Can a Landlord Make You Pay?

You pay the rent, and so you expect your home to be reasonably maintained. Don’t forget you signed a lease, so you too, have obligations as a tenant. Keeping your home safe and livable are your landlord’s responsibilities, but issues will inevitably arise between you and a landlord, especially if you are a long-time renter, […]


Why Baby Boomers Make the Best Tenants

Boomers have been changing the face of the rental market with no end in sight for the foreseeable future. Many are already retired, but even more are nearing retirement age. They have become the largest segment of renters in the country. Ignoring or not correctly marketing your properties to this demographic can be a huge […]


The Crucial Points to Understand about Your Rental Lease

Signing a lease without proper understanding it could lead to disagreements with your landlord or even worse, going to court. Taking the time to read your lease, asking clarification questions, so you understand it and following the terms of your lease, will help you have a better rental experience!  What is a Rental Lease?  Most tenants don’t really understand that a […]


My Landlord Wants to Show My Home Before I Move Out

Why Would I Want Anyone Showing the House I’m Living In? So, your lease is ending and with your target date to move out approaching in less than 30 days, your landlord is telling you they want to show your home to potential new tenants. When you tell them you’re too busy to accommodate any […]


The 3 Most Common Eviction Mistakes DIY Landlords Make

Eviction is the legal process whereby a landlord regains possesion of his rental unit, typically for nonpayment or other lease violations. Each state has their own well-defined laws and procedures for evicting tenants. Failure to follow these correctly may result in money-costing delays and/or force a landlord to start the eviction process all over again. […]


I’m Moving Out! Can I Get My Security Deposit Back ASAP?!

Ah, the security deposit… a financial burden when moving in, a blessing when moving out – but wait, it’s not as easy as that. ’ Hold your horses! Chill for a sec, and let’s look more closely about this security deposit you so hastily want back. There might be some easy reasons that you don’t […]


10 Repairs that aren’t your Landlord’s Responsibility

Find out who is responsible for repairs and maintenance in your rented home. As a tenant you’re typically not responsible for any major home improvements for your rental home, such as repairing a leaky roof or updating carpets and appliances. However, not all damages to the home are your landlord’s responsibility. Below is a list […]


“I Need to Move In a New House in Like a Week”

Here is the formula: Drive to the apartment rental office, fill out an application, they run your credit, you sign a lease and move in next day — but wait, there’s more! Hi, I’m the Marketing Team Leader for Royal Rose Properties. I answer the phone every day, taking calls from people who are interested […]


How to Kill the Mess (for Renters)

One form of insecurity of attachment is called “disorganized/disoriented” Are you a messy person? Not a gross person, like the kind that lets food sit out until it molds and attracts flies, that kind of person is beyond the scope of this article, but a messy person who is continually battling clutter? We’re going to […]