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Why Aren’t the Repairs we Requested Done Yet?

Show tenants the effort being expended on their behalf while they wait. If you’re a tenant in a property managed by Royal Rose Properties, the chances are pretty good that over the course of your tenancy, something will need to be fixed. From your perspective, this is a pretty simple process: you log into your […]


Keeping Your Rented Home Safe for Cheap

Renters are more likely to experience a home burglary than homeowners, 85% of the time. Metro Detroit has some of the most widely varied neighborhoods in the States, from blight-laden uptown Detroit streets where abandoned structures house squatters that steal power from the city with illegal cables, to bustling suburbs like Birmingham, where locking your […]


How to Pack Your Stuff for a Move

One of the realities of life as a renter is that you might be called upon to move at any time, and moving isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be particularly difficult, either, provided you have the time, tools, and techniques you need.  Here’s the best way we’ve found to get your stuff completely […]


How to Tenant: The Plain-English Guide to the RRP Lease, Part I

Nope, that’s not in the rental agreement. Before you sign the Royal Rose Properties lease, read this simple, plain-English guide to what, exactly, you’re about to sign. (This post is the first part of that guide — the part where we tell you about what the lease requires you to do for us.) Your Responsibilities […]


Things You Can Do Your Own To Reduce Heating Bills

No, ‘stop paying your heating bills’ is not the correct answer. Keeping your home warm during winter can be a struggle if not correctly done which can lead to a very high electricity bill. There are many installations a person can invest in which will ensure that one’s home stays nice and warm on those […]


When a Detroit Property Manager Goes Out of Business

“This, too, shall pass.” We received word a few weeks ago that one of our major competitors in the Detroit area was going out of business. Of course, it’s always good news from a business perspective when a competitor leaves the arena, but we realize that many other people might have a different experience, and […]


So Your Landlord is Selling the House You’re Renting

Surprisingly often, the house you’re renting can get sold and you won’t even notice until the new landlord asks you to sign a new lease. Metro Detroit’s rental market is a busy place — dozens of houses are sold every day. So what if you’re happily renting a house in Metro Detroit and someone knocks […]


Infographic: Styling Your Home as a Renter

Renters, it turns, out, CAN be choosers! Recently we came across this detailed infographic from EZ Living Interiors ( which dispenses brilliant advice on how renters can put their own style on the residence without being given a telling-off from their landlord. It is a common sentiment amongst renters that not owning a property means […]


How to De-Neutralize Your Rental

Greige. Zombie pirates. Greige. Zombie pirates. You decide. It’s common practice among property managers, landlords, and home sellers to ‘neutralize’ a home’s décor between tenants. That is to say, the common wisdom is that all traces of personality or recognizable style should stripped down as much as possible, from exchanging decorative Disney switch plates for […]