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Detroit Area Investing – The City versus the Suburbs

Either can make you money, but have you really considered everything when evaluating the risk versus reward of each? It seems almost every day someone’s asking us about buying investment properties in the City of Detroit. While there’s nothing wrong with investing in Detroit properties, we’re amazed at the general naiveté of those asking us […]


Charging Tenants for Maintenance Bills

Tenants rarely take responsibility for repair issues, so landlords need strong language in lease agreements to legally charge tenants for problems they cause. We just had another experience that reminded us why our lease has so many clauses. A Tenant contacted us because their kitchen drain was clogged. We asked what caused the problem and […]


Avoiding Risky Property Management Companies

We’ve just heard about another two local property management companies “having difficulties” meeting the needs and expectations of their rental property owner clients. First, let’s make sure everyone reading this understands we’re not perfect and make no claim to be.  But, we do like to think we’re better than most, if not all, our competitors.  […]


The Real State of Real Estate…

If you’re involved with the residential rental market, you’ve probably already heard that rental rates have been going up the last couple of years.  The dramatic increase in foreclosures has left a lot of families looking for a home that’s not an apartment, leading to increased demand, which has led to increases in prices. Most […]


Tenants Abandoning Detroit…

We’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of tenants calling on our rentals that are moving from Detroit! It’s our corporate policy to ask every prospective tenant where they live now and why they’re moving.  We do it to better understand what type of home they’re looking for and what we have that might […]


Using Social Media to Screen Potential Tenants

How many landlords have checked out a rental applicant using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc? Be honest – how many landlords have ever even thought about it? It could be a great additional tool to supplement a light credit file or for applicants that can’t prove their claimed income. We’ve been reading […]


Refinance Your Upside Down Rental

Many real estate investors that bought their rental properties prior to 2007 are upside down in them.  Even those that put down 25% or more have seen their equity evaporate with falling real estate prices. A lot of these investors are also upside in their cash flow with these properties and many we speak with […]


Penny-Wise, but Dollar-Foolish Property Owners

We know of a property that’s been up for rent for around 4 months. The property is on a main road, so it gets a lot of visibility, being exposed to morning and afternoon rush hour traffic.  The owner has a sign in front of the house with a phone number and extension.  The number […]

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