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Why Rental Cash Flow is More Important than Profitability

You can’t be profitable if your cash is flowing in the wrong direction. We came across a study recently that pointed out a startling statistic: 82% of failed businesses fail for the same reason — poor cash flow management. What does that mean? Basically, it means that businesses fail because, despite having a good product […]


How to Deliver Bad News to Tenants (Without Losing Them)

Why lose a tenant and cost yourself a bunch of time and money just because you’re not at the top of your game one day? There’s no better way to lose a tenant than to hit them with bad news in a bad way. Never has a lease been broken faster than when a cranky […]


How to Buy an Investment Home Without a Mortgage

Buying an investment home without a mortgage is easy: just be rich enough to pay cash! No, seriously — not everyone can afford an investment home with a mortgage, much less without one…but you might be surprised at what assets you can tap to get in on the rental-investment game. Here’s a not-at-all-comprehensive but good-for-the-basics […]


Refinance Your Upside Down Rental

Many real estate investors that bought their rental properties prior to 2007 are upside down in them.  Even those that put down 25% or more have seen their equity evaporate with falling real estate prices. A lot of these investors are also upside in their cash flow with these properties and many we speak with […]