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What Will Happen to the Rental Industry if the Pandemic Lasts 2 Years?

What happens if the pandemic goes on for the next six months? The next year? What if it goes on much longer than we were originally expecting, and lasts another two years? With the way experts have been talking about the potentially slow delivery of a vaccine, that’s a possibility that’s starting to seem increasingly […]


How Can Landlords Prepare for Another Pandemic Shutdown?

  These past coronavirus-filled months have been extraordinarily difficult for most landlords. Though way back in March, President Trump expressed positivity that we’d get over this pandemic “quickly,” in reality, nobody knows how long this will last. Many landlords weren’t prepared for the pandemic shut down and didn’t have reserves or financial planning in place […]


What’s the Best Strategy for Growing a Rental Portfolio?

The end goal for most rental investors is to generate enough rental income to be able to quit their job. What strategy should you use to grow your rental portfolio to this point?  Let’s explore two different strategies: quickly paying off your mortgage versus consistently refinancing to remove equity for additional purchases. Each has its […]


Understanding Capitalization Rate

  Predicting how profitable a real estate investment is vital in determining whether to purchase one property over another.   The capitalization rate, commonly known as the cap rate, is a metric used to determine the rate of return (RoR) of an income-producing property without taking into account any mortgage payments. The figure, expressed as […]


Choosing a Short-Term Investment/Vacation Rental Property

Strange as it sounds, a short-term investment property is generally intended to last a long time.   ‘Short-term,’ here, refers specifically to properties that are intended to be rented out to tenants for short terms — several days, maybe a month on the outside. Short-term properties have become very popular in destination cities as apps […]


What to Do when a Property Manager Fails

Property Managers aren’t perfect, and sometimes we fail hard enough to deserve getting fired. But ditching your PM has ramifications, and you should know what you’re doing when you make the call. There’s almost too much advice on the Internet about how to hire the ‘right’ property manager — but almost none on how to […]


Why Rental Cash Flow is More Important than Profitability

You can’t be profitable if your cash is flowing in the wrong direction. We came across a study recently that pointed out a startling statistic: 82% of failed businesses fail for the same reason — poor cash flow management. What does that mean? Basically, it means that businesses fail because, despite having a good product […]


How to Deliver Bad News to Tenants (Without Losing Them)

Why lose a tenant and cost yourself a bunch of time and money just because you’re not at the top of your game one day? There’s no better way to lose a tenant than to hit them with bad news in a bad way. Never has a lease been broken faster than when a cranky […]


How to Buy an Investment Home Without a Mortgage

Buying an investment home without a mortgage is easy: just be rich enough to pay cash! No, seriously — not everyone can afford an investment home with a mortgage, much less without one…but you might be surprised at what assets you can tap to get in on the rental-investment game. Here’s a not-at-all-comprehensive but good-for-the-basics […]

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