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Overdue Rent: When to Let it Slide — and Why

“My dog ate my rent payment!” – soon-to-be-evicted tenant As a property manager, one of your most regular jobs — literally regular, like clockwork — is collecting rent. Usually, every tenant you oversee has signed the same lease agreement, which means that they all owe their rent on the same day, with the same length […]


The Crime Free Lease Addendum: Is This A Good Thing?

Are We Penalizing The Right People, The Right Way? In 2009, Saginaw passed a law requiring landlords to include a section in their lease agreements dubbed the ‘Crime Free Lease Addendum.’ In March of this year, Buena Vista Township (adjacent to Saginaw) passed the same law. In essence, this addendum adds a section to the […]


How to (Legally) Get a Hoarder Out of a Rental

Hoarding is So Much Easier with Amazon Free Delivery! Hoarders — as the popular TV show has labeled them — have a psychological disorder that causes them to insist on keeping things they have no need for, to excess. While the disorder itself is often more of a cause for empathy than anything else, being […]


The Right Way to Handle A Move-In Checklist

The Wrong Way is “Not Handling It At All.” If you’re not familiar with property management paperwork, rest assured there’s a lot of it — so much, in fact, that many landlords are tempted to not deal with it whenever the opportunity presents itself. One classic example: the Move-In Checklist. For the renter, a move-in […]


Evicting Your First Tenant: What Does A Day in Court Look Like?

ProTip: Bring Every Record You Have of Every Encounter You Had. If you’re a first-time landlord or you’ve just been lucky enough to not have evicted a tenant yet, you may be rather dreading the moment when some tenant has the testicular fortitude to bring you to court over an eviction. That’s because it’s new […]


Another Reason NOT to Delay Tenant Evictions

Very few people actually like to be perceived as a “bad guy” or “bad cop”.  Most of us want everyone to like us and will avoid conflict when possible. Unfortunately, acting this way with tenants will cost a landlord more in the long run. That’s why it’s so important as a landlord to be firm […]

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