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Communicate With Your Landlord So They Won’t Assume The Worse

Communicate with your Landlord so they won’t assume the worst when your payments aren’t made on time and they don’t hear from you or you avoid them. We just took over the management of quite a few single-family homes with existing tenants. As communication is critical to fostering a good landlord-tenant relationship, we invested the […]

What’s More Important to Renters – Cheap Rent or a Nice Home?

We’d like some feedback from any readers on the dilemma of what’s more important to the majority of people looking to rent a home – cheap rent or a nice home. We consistently have prospects looking at the rentals we have, telling us that they’re the nicest they’ve seen so far, but few of these […]

Getting Repairs Done to the Home You’re Renting

Chasing a landlord to get repairs done at a rental home is probably the biggest, most frustrating issue most tenants experience when renting. You complain, the landlord assures you it’ll be fixed, no one shows up so you complain again, someone shows up but doesn’t fix the problem and the cycle seems to go on […]

Pass-Through Deductions for Real Estate Investors

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2018 brought about a massive tax cut for owners of “pass-through” businesses. Pass-through businesses, the largest segment of registered businesses, are ones in which the business entity pays no tax, but instead the earnings “pass-through” to the owner(s) who pay the taxes on their personal tax returns. […]

Subletting, Should You Allow It?

  You did your due diligence and properly screened your current tenant, but now they need to move out early before their lease expires. But, hey, they’ve got a friend that can take over their lease. Will you consider subletting?   What Is Subletting? Subletting, or subleasing, means that your tenant assigns the remainder of […]

Needy Tenants: A Look at How to Handle Them

Let’s take a look at some ways to handle overly needy tenants.. All properties require maintenance and repairs to meet acceptable living standards. Factors like the age of the property and the number of units and needy tenants will affect your maintenance schedule. Most tenants are mature adults and have read and understood their lease. […]

Understanding Capitalization Rate

  Predicting how profitable a real estate investment is vital in determining whether to purchase one property over another.   The capitalization rate, commonly known as the cap rate, is a metric used to determine the rate of return (RoR) of an income-producing property without taking into account any mortgage payments. The figure, expressed as […]

How Much Rental Payment Can I Afford?

Chances are your rental payment is your single largest monthly expense. As rental rates are only getting more expensive, it’s important to calculate how much rent you can afford to spend each and every time you move. With such a big chunk of your monthly earnings being spent on renting your home, how can you […]

Dealing with Bed Bugs and Pest Infestation on Your Properties

Mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and the like, creep people out, so it makes sense that nobody wants them in their home. Having pest infestation issues is common and should not necessarily be seen as a poor reflection of your property—it’s just something you have to manage. Like water, pests will always find a way in. […]

How To Gift the Real Estate from Your Rental Business

You’ve worked hard to accumulate and build your investment portfolio, and you would hate to have to turn around and pay a huge tax bill to get rid of it. If selling your property is not in your best financial interest, you can gift it to a recipient of your choice. The Tax Code dedicates […]

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