What’s More Important to Renters – Cheap Rent or a Nice Home?


What’s More Important to Renters – Cheap Rent or a Nice Home?

Cheap rent or a nice home?

We’d like some feedback from any readers on the dilemma of what’s more important to the majority of people looking to rent a home – cheap rent or a nice home.

We consistently have prospects looking at the rentals we have, telling us that they’re the nicest they’ve seen so far, but few of these people bother to even take an application.  They all tell us they have more homes to look at and will get back with us.  Which, they of course, never do.

We typically don’t have an issue renting out properties, but we are curious as to what people expect.

Everyone wants the best rental home at the cheapest rent, but there’s usually a trade-off.  The cheapest homes are either in less desirable locations, less desirable condition or less desirable amenities.  Of course, there’s always one or two property owners renting out below the market, but those homes go very quickly.

There’s also a trade-off most people looking to rent don’t think of.  A home that’s cheap, but in less than desirable condition probably also has a property owner that will be less than desirable about making repairs and responding to other tenant issues.

If you have a moment, please take the time to share your thoughts with us on our “dilemma”.  We’d greatly appreciate it!

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5 thoughts on “What’s More Important to Renters – Cheap Rent or a Nice Home?

  1. Ive been looking for clean housing but I am given undesirables because of holding a section 8 Voucher. we don’t get any help to find a place but we must research and hope that the landlord is honest. I’m not against students because I was one in my life time but students are here temporarily and those seeking permanent housing have to keep moving because it’s not what they asked for. people want to have a place to call home like myself. yet what I see is sometimes so misleading. I know the difference and it doesn’t feel good let alone is it righteous to put anyone in a house or apartment that is not suitable just because of who they may appear to be. Landlords have forgotten that the rich need maids but those who have struggled, no what it means to take care of the property in which they were interested in to stay and make things work out on for everyone involved. Please remember that everyone isn’t the same.

  2. I’m having a hard time finding a Section 8 rental,I been in my apartment for 5 years and want to move. Are there any in Macomb County?

    1. There are many S8 homes for rent in Macomb County, most being south of I-696 or in Mt Clemens. Many of the rest of the areas have rents that are too high for S8 approval.

  3. I’m looking for something right away hoping to move by October 31st or November or soon mid October please contact me at 313-458-6739

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