Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-02


Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-02

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We were able to recover possession of 3 homes from nonpaying tenants in February. The courts are still taking on average 4-6 weeks to process a case, but slowly improving.

Most of the Legal Aid attorneys are trying to “extort” Consent Judgments for their tenant clients using the threat of jury trials. Jury trials may take 6+ months to resolve, allowing nonpaying tenants to stay longer. The Consent Judgments offer quicker property recovery but avoid an eviction being entered against a tenant. So, no eviction shows up on a background check of these tenants.

For clients that won’t let us pursue Certificates or Compliance (CoC) for their property(s), Legal Aid attorneys are also getting judges to adjourn eviction cases several times due to repairs. So, tenants get to stay longer without paying. We highly recommend allowing us to get your property(s) certified with the City of Detroit to avoid this tactic.

RENT PAYMENT TRENDS 30-60-90+ Days Behind Update

Now that we’re past the Holidays and tenants are getting income tax refunds, we’re seeing improvements in tenant payments. We expect this trend to continue.

Macomb County:

Tenant budgets are getting back to normal now that the Holidays are over and they are receiving their income tax refunds. Correspondingly, we’re seeing improvements in the rent payments.

Oakland County:

As you can see, Oakland County tenants are recovering quicker than Macomb County tenants.

Wayne County:

Tenant payment performance continues to improve! We were also able to evict some non-performers. We will continue to work with tenants to use their income tax refunds to address their past-due balances.

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