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How to Survive Summer as a Work-From-Home Renter

It’s not the heat — it’s the humanity! When you work from the same home you rent, and you have children, the summer can come as a bit of a shock. Suddenly the unburdened time you enjoyed from 9am-3pm to attend to your clients is gone — and at the same time, the all-important early-morning […]

How to Move Into a Rental Home

Drew’s Law: Moving is more complicated than you think, even when you take this rule into account. Moving into a new home is a heck of a project, and a lot of people underestimate it pretty significantly. Let’s talk about what exactly you need to move into a new rental home. Money Matters The first […]

Design Your Rental’s Interior (w/o Upsetting the Landlord!)

The principles of interior design are simple and finite. OK, well, at least finite. There are quite a few things you can do with a house you own that you can’t do with a rental — at least, not without getting some serious feedback from the landlord. Fortunately, the basic rules of interior design don’t […]