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How To Gift the Real Estate from Your Rental Business

You’ve worked hard to accumulate and build your investment portfolio, and you would hate to have to turn around and pay a huge tax bill to get rid of it. If selling your property is not in your best financial interest, you can gift it to a recipient of your choice. The Tax Code dedicates […]

Is It Sensible To Pay-Off Your Mortgage?

Though the topic about paying off your mortgage is highly debated, the right answer is the one that aligns with your overall goals and investment strategy. There are two diametrically opposed schools of thought when it comes to carrying debt. Some investors prefer to own properties “free and clear,” while others believe that leveraging their […]

Turnkey Rental, Are They Right For You?

The right turnkey rental property may the right real estate venture for you.. The popularity of turnkey rental properties saw an explosion after the housing crisis of 2008. During a time when many homeowners were losing their homes, investors were scrambling to purchase properties to meet new rental demand. Much of that rental market emerged […]

Is Your Rental Investment Still Worth It?

While there are no 100% hard-and-fast rules, here are some things that you definitely do need to keep in mind when you’re pondering that question One of the biggest problems with the high-risk/high-reward nature of the real estate market in the City of Detroit (versus the suburbs) is that when you hit that ‘high-risk’ side […]

How to Invest in a Blighted Neighborhood

Blighted neighborhoods are genuinely a trap, but they’re only a trap for the unwary. Blight – in Detroit, it’s essentially defined as “a property that hasn’t been maintained in so long that it is an eyesore and a hazard.” Detroit has several areas that are blight-ridden, where literally one street looks like any other (low-demographic) […]

How Many People Does it Take to Manage a Property?

A good property management team can make your investment work. Royal Rose Properties is a fairly unusual property manager – we do a lot of things that most property managers don’t. In particular, we’re renowned for our in-depth record-keeping, our unique approach to the most high-risk/high-reward neighborhoods in Detroit, and for having a relatively vast […]

How to Evaluate a Property Manager: Deal-Breakers

Some things you can brush off. These you can’t. Property management is one of many industries that operate on what market analysts call “asymmetry of information.” In other words, you as a client don’t know much about how a property management office actually functions — all you can do is look at what information you […]