Smile Your Way to Some Savings


Smile Your Way to Some Savings

Many of our tenants don’t have medical insurance, much less dental insurance.  There is an affordable way to protect your smile.

We’re always trying to find ways to help out our tenants as we realize times our tough.

So, when we met a representative from Baker College’s Dental Hygiene program and heard what they had to say, we had to share it.

It seems Dental & Hygiene Schools are always looking for patients for their students.

Their costs are very affordable when compared to dentists – a typical cleaning costs $25 for adults, $15 for children 14 & under.

The trade off of course, is that the work is done by students, but they are supervised.

Parents, even if you don’t go, please think twice before making the same decision for your children.  They deserve a bit more consideration.

Baker College is located in Auburn Hills, but there are several other dental programs in the Detroit area.  The University of Detroit-Mercy and the University of Michigan are two more.

It may be worth more research to protect your smile and those of your family.

Now, we hope this article made you smile:)


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