No Car? No Problem. These are Detroit’s Most Walkable Places to Live


No Car? No Problem. These are Detroit’s Most Walkable Places to Live

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Sure, it sounds odd—“walkable” and “Detroit.” After all, it is Motor City, where driving is the most convenient way to get around. But Detroit is changing with the times as more areas become more bikeable and walkable places. In fact, in 2016, Michigan Radio reported that the Metro Detroit area was third on a list of regions that are increasing in walkability.

The George Washington University School of Business published a study in 2016, called “Foot Traffic Ahead.” The updated 2019 version lists Detroit in third on its “Future Growth Momentum Index,” which ranks probable WalkUP performance. The Motor City has seen substantial redevelopment in its “urbanizing suburbs,” making more areas more pedestrian-friendly.

Detroit may still be home to three substantial automotive companies, but it’s making strides to become more pedestrian-friendly. As a city in transition, more and more neighborhoods are becoming accessible. So if you have no car, it’s no problem.

Now, here are Detroit’s most walkable places to live.

University District (Midtown)

It’s no surprise that an area with the University of Detroit scores an 87 on WalkScore. You can accomplish all your errands on foot, with many accessible attractions and businesses. Pure Detroit, for example, is just 4.4mi from the university—and is one of the best places to go shopping. For a thrill, check out their multiple escape room attractions (just don’t ruin any relationships while you’re playing!).

Midtown is actually a rebuilt district with tons of rehabilitated historic buildings. It’s a cultural hub in Detroit, featuring the Institute of Arts, Detroit Historical Museum, and Public Library. Then there’s the Cultural Center Historic District—a place full of galleries, cafes, and nightlife attractions. There are even several MoGo stations, so you can rent a bike if you’re looking to get around a bit quicker.


Full of historic homes near the International Riverfront, this neighborhood is perfect for those who adore a quaint, old-fashioned feel. Downtown primarily features architecture from the late 19th to early 20th century, making it a charming district to walk through. One of the biggest attractions is the MGM Grand Detroit Casino and Resort, but there are plenty of local places to check out. Try Roasting Plant Coffee for a brew, or take a walk through the revived Riverfront.

The greater Downtown area also includes Corktown, which has a population of largely  Irish descent. Visit Corktown to try out the Detroit Institute of Bagels, or just walk around Detroit’s oldest existing neighborhood.

Lafayette Park

Are you thinking of living somewhere more affordable and family-friendly? Lafayette Park is a fantastic alternative to the more high-end districts like Downtown. 

Renowned for its historic, post-WWII homes designed by notable modernist architects, many renters and tourists are flocking here. The neighborhood also features several parks, including Lafayette Central Park—perfect for family time with the kids. You’re also just a quick trip away from Downtown, and there are tons of accessible bus stops around.

Lafayette Park also features easy access to the Dequindre Cut Greenway bicycle trail for those with a more active lifestyle. Afterward, stop by for a drink at Thomas Magee’s Sporting House Whiskey Bar or stock up on home decor at the nationally-iconic Pewabic Pottery.

West Vernor

What started as a farming community has now become a historic commercial district. Of particular note are the wood-frame buildings, some of the earliest in Detroit. It sits near the Ford River Rouge Complex and features places like the Vernor Food Center. There’s also plenty of green space for a quiet walk through the neighborhood by yourself or with a furry companion.

Mexicantown and Hubbard Farms are particularly walk-friendly areas, which Curbed Detroit considers the closest that Motor City has to “20-minute neighborhoods.” There are also plenty of MoGo stations in the area for those who prefer to cycle.

Walkable Neighborhoods in Detroit

There are plenty more walkable places in Detroit, from Woodbridge to Jeffries. As the city makes more strides towards becoming less car-dependent and more pedestrian-friendly, neighborhoods are scoring higher walkability scores than they have in the past. 

Whether you’re looking to invest in property or rent a place to live, check out these walkable neighborhoods in Detroit. And don’t forget to take a good, long stroll around your area while you’re at it.

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