7 Most Family-Friendly Places in Detroit to Raise Your Kids


7 Most Family-Friendly Places in Detroit to Raise Your Kids

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The City of Detroit lays claim to many things: sweet jazz music, historic neighborhoods, and the Golden Age of automobiles. There are plenty of music clubs, galleries, and of course, 3,000 miles of shoreline with waterfront views.  All this to say that Motor City is an excellent place for a family. Here are some of the most family-friendly places to live in Detroit.

There are plenty of neighborhoods to call home in the City of Detroit, whether it’s a house in Northville or Palmer Woods. Still, it can be stressful to think about where to live, especially if you have little ones to consider in your move. 

So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to raise your kids. You’ll surely find your next home in the options below!

Family-Friendly Places to Live in Detroit

You have many options to choose when deciding where to live in the City of Detroit. Some are suburbs, while others are closer to the heart of the city. 

This list follows Niche.com’s scores, but really—any of these neighborhoods could be where you build a home.

1. Northville (Niche Score A+)

A photo of downtown Northville
From metromode


Yes, the suburb may be small, but it’s packed with great activities and locations. Take your kids to art classes at Northville Art House, or find some new books at the District Library. Beyond that, there are also several municipal parks to enjoy on the weekends.

Northville schools have an impressive GreatSchools.org score of 9.9/10 with top-class academic institutions available for children to attend. Plus, in terms of homes, you can choose to rent a modern condo or a townhouse. The cost of living is a little higher than average, but if you ask us—it’s plenty worth it.

2. Birmingham (Niche Score A+)

 Buildings around the old Birmingham theater
From cnu.org


This suburb is an ideal place for families starting out. Birmingham has a moderate population size, with 5 highly-rated public schools. Parents can find fresh produce at the Birmingham Farmers Market, while kids can check out the Baldwin Public Library.

In this area, test scores rank 21% higher than the national average, while unemployment is 48% below the national average. The median home value is a little high, but you can’t put a premium on education and security.

3. Farmington (Niche Score A+)

An art event in the streets of Farmington
From the City of Farmington


Not to be confused with Farmington Hills, the suburb of Farmington has a modest population of 10,500. Even with the considerable population density, however, it ranks 20th on Niche’s list of best places to live in Michigan

There’s a property for everyone, from a modern townhouse to something more Victorian-style. Farmington also features a high quality of life against its moderate cost of living. Also, the median home value is also below the national average which means you can comfortably rent or own a home here. 

Then there’s a popular farmer’s market where you can get a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and other artisanal goods. After wandering the stalls, you can grab your family and have a picnic in the beautiful Shiawassee Park.

4. Bloomfield Hills (Niche Score A+)

Students from the International Academy viewing an art installatio
From the International Academy


This small city hosts one of the top schools in Michigan. The International Academy ranks No.1 in public high schools in Michigan and No.43 country-wide. Additionally, this public high school requires students to earn both high school and IB diplomas, easily preparing them for life after secondary education.

To supplement your kids’ academic learning, you can even take them to the Cranbrook Art Museum or the Baldwin Public Library. Or, to encourage a love of nature, tour the Cranbrook House and Gardens. There’s also the Cranbrook Academy of Art, one of the nation’s leading architecture graduate schools.

5. Palmer Woods (Niche Score B+)

A historic home in Palmer Woods
From City Living Detroit


Palmer Woods is yet another historic district—one named after former U.S. Senator Thomas Palmer. The area is full of Tudor Revival and neo-Georgian architecture, making it a beautiful place to live in and raise your kids.

Another reason we love Palmer Woods is that it has a highly diverse population. Plus, it’s within the Detroit Public Schools district and has some highly-rated institutions for all. Then there’s Palmer Park, which features tennis courts and biking trails for leisure activity. It’s a more costly place to live, but it’s well worth the price.

6. Rosedale Park (Niche Score B-)

Homes in the Rosedale Park Historic District
From Wikimedia


This is the state’s largest district and is highly popular with families due to its overall atmosphere. Your kids will love playing in the Rosedale-Grandmont Little League, too since it’s the largest one in Michigan.

The nearby Grand River commercial corridor also offers opportunities to dine out and take your family out shopping on a warm Sunday afternoon. Moreover, you’re only a short trip away from the historic Redford Theatre for films.  Finally, Rosedale Park is continuously improving its walkability and bike access as well, where residents host clean-ups and community gardens to everyone’s benefit.

7. Bagley (Niche Score C)

Old-style homes on a street in Bagley
Michelle Gerard on Curbed Detroit


Bagley is one of the neighborhoods in the Live6 area, a non-profit dedicated to “improving quality of life and economic opportunity in Northwest Detroit.” They create opportunities for residents and businesses to enrich each other’s lives. We’ve also written more about Bagley in our ongoing series called Deep Dive, so check it out to get in-depth with the area.

Also worth noting is that the neighborhood features well-maintained single-family homes at modest prices. Plus, you can explore the city’s liveliest commercial strips and it’s continuously improving its walkability. 

Living with Family in Detroit

There’s more to love when you’re with family in the City of Detroit. There’s even LittleGuide Detroit that can show you some of the best activities for kids around the Metro Detroit area. LittleGuide wants to show parents that Detroit is an ideal place to raise a family—and it is.

Motor City is a place full of potential just waiting for you and your family. If you already live here, then there’s more for you to explore. And if you don’t? It’s time for you to discover the wonderful place that is the City of Detroit.

Want to invest in property here in Motor City, or looking for a place to live? 

Let our expert team handle the tough stuff and find the best properties in Detroit. We’ve got the experience and the local know-how—so reach out to us today!

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