Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-06


Tenant Payment Performance Update v2024-06

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Detroit’s 36th District Court is still taking on average 4-6 weeks longer than standard to process a case.

Despite the delays, we were able to recover possession of 8 Detroit properties in May, getting rid of nonpaying tenants.

We’re still dealing with Legal Aid attorneys trying to legally “extort” Conditional Dismissals for their tenant clients using the threat of jury trials. Jury trials may take 6+ months to resolve, allowing nonpaying tenants to stay longer. The Conditional Dismissals offer quicker property recovery but avoid an eviction being entered against a tenantSo, no eviction shows up on a background check of these tenants.

One of our most recent challenges is the 36th District Court considering false PayPal receipts a tenant presented. The tenant wants the judge to order us to credit them for a $700 payment we never received. We are actively fighting this as the tenant should pay the full balance they owe.

RENT PAYMENT TRENDS 30-60-90+ Days Behind Update

Our number of tenants paying full rent slightly dropped, but so did the number of tenants paying nothing. We saw a slight increase in tenants paying partial rent as we worked on evicting non-performing tenants.

Macomb County Tenant Performance

Our numbers for the number of tenants paying full rent were unchanged. However, we got a few non-performers to pay partial rent.

Oakland County Tenant Performance

We took over a portfolio with performance issues, causing our overall numbers to drop a bit. We are getting some of these tenants to pay partial rent and look forward to them paying on time & in full going forward or we will evict them. On a positive note, tenants paying Zero Rent continues to stay at ZERO!

Wayne County Tenant Performance

We also saw a decrease in the number of tenants paying full rent. However, those tenants did make partial payments. On a positive note, the number of nonperforming tenants continues to drop.

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