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When It’s Worth Renovating And Upgrading Your Rental

As a smart investor, you always should be looking for ways to improve cash flow, income stream, and to increase the value of the property. Taking the time to renovate can accomplish all three, but you must be willing to expose yourself to some financial risk and uncertainty. You’ll have the unit(s) vacant during construction, […]

How to Renovate With the Bottom Line in Mind

There are several goals you could renovate toward; make sure you’re pointing in the right direction! This isn’t an article about what to renovate — there are tons of those on the Internet, and we’ve even written a couple ourselves. This is an article about how to renovate: about changes you can make to the […]

Renovation for Rental vs. Renovation for Flipping: What’s the Difference?

Don’t judge a house by it’s curb appeal…unless you’re selling. Renovating a property should always add value to it, or else what’s the point? But that doesn’t mean that all renovations are the same — because not all value is the same. Different people value different things. The question is, can we establish some firm […]