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Needy Tenants: A Look at How to Handle Them

Let’s take a look at some ways to handle overly needy tenants.. All properties require maintenance and repairs to meet acceptable living standards. Factors like the age of the property and the number of units and needy tenants will affect your maintenance schedule. Most tenants are mature adults and have read and understood their lease. […]

Dealing with Bed Bugs and Pest Infestation on Your Properties

Mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and the like, creep people out, so it makes sense that nobody wants them in their home. Having pest infestation issues is common and should not necessarily be seen as a poor reflection of your property—it’s just something you have to manage. Like water, pests will always find a way in. […]

A Smart Property Owner’s Guide to Maintenance

Like a health physical, home maintenance is important for your rental’s upkeep and well-being. Property maintenance is just as crucial as property management, and it should be held to the same high standards to attract quality tenants. Your potential applicants research properties online or at least do a drive-by to see if they would enjoy […]

How To Make Extra Cash From Your Rental on Airbnb

Airbnb actually now has more listing than hotels have rooms! Short-term rentals have become a booming business for people looking to make a little extra money. Online platforms like Airbnb have seen an explosion of property owners listing their properties. The rapid growth stems from travelers now opting for short-term rentals over hotels for a […]

Why Your Landlord is NOT Getting Rich Off Of You

You send your rent check every month, but have you ever really stopped to think where all that money is going? If you believe your landlord just puts it in his pocket, you’re sadly mistaken.  Most reasonable tenants understand that landlords have bills to pay like mortgage and taxes. There are many other expenses to […]

Ways On How to Raise the Rent without the Blow-back

As a property owner you need to raise the rent to protect and improve your bottom line, but raising rents is never easy. It can be a delicate issue. Being too aggressive may cause tenant turnover, and you’ll incur costs associated with vacancy. On the other hand, as your fixed costs like maintenance, insurance and […]

Know When To Start Hiring A Property Management Company

If you’re growing your property rental business, a time will come when it gets too much for you to handle all by yourself. The extra expense of a property management company may be unattractive when you only have a few rentals. Attending to routine maintenance calls, chasing nonpaying tenants and handling city inspections can eventually […]

Your Tenant’s a Hoarder, Now What?

You may not notice it for a while, maybe years, because the tenant pays their rent on time and rarely complains about anything. Then one day you go to look at something inside the home and you find out they’ve been collecting “stuff” and filling up your property with it. How do you handle this? […]

The 3 Most Common Eviction Mistakes DIY Landlords Make

Eviction is the legal process whereby a landlord regains possesion of his rental unit, typically for nonpayment or other lease violations. Each state has their own well-defined laws and procedures for evicting tenants. Failure to follow these correctly may result in money-costing delays and/or force a landlord to start the eviction process all over again. […]

Information Overload in Property Management, Part III

Getting more quality sleep will help you remember and process things better. Continuing our chat on information overload from the past two posts, it’s time to talk about how you can improve your own brain’s ability to handle information. Most of this is obvious once you read it, but it’s probably not anything you’ve thought […]