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A DIY Landlord’s Guide to When to Stop Being a DIY Landlord

Want to Fix Tenant Toilets at 3 a.m. and Lose All Your Money? Being a DIY landlord can, if you play your cards right, be a pretty low-key affair – our last week’s blog post has some clutch pointers on that. But it’s also fairly normal for landlording to kind of creep out of its […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Minimum-Effort Landlording

To achieve more free time and not be tied to a demanding landlording job, you’ll do yourself a favor by building your systems now. One of the benefits of being a do-it-yourself or DIY landlord is that you get to choose just how much time and energy you want to put into landlording – obvious […]

No Office Space? The Benefits of Being Online-Only

Companies are certainly catching onto the trend of “no office space” and it’s changing the way they work.   One of the aspects of Royal Rose Properties that our owners and tenant find the most disconcerting is that we have no office space. There’s no door you can go knock on and have someone from […]

Getting Tenants to Do What You Want, Pt. II

The secret on getting tenants to do what you want: Show genuine interest to them first. So how do you get people to actually do what you want them to do? Well, obviously, if people base their decisions on their relationship with you (or your business, in this case), you gain influence over other people […]

Getting Tenants (Or Anyone Else) to Do What You Want, Pt. I

If someone uses the carrots/sticks reward system to make you do something, they try to make you do it partly by offering you rewards and partly by threatening you. The common view of ‘how to modify someone else’s behavior’ in American culture is that it’s comprised of two basically equal parts: carrots (rewards for doing […]

Property Management Paperwork & Data: How Much is Too Much?

Fortunately due to modern technology, the trees can breathe easy since many property management paperwork are now digitized. Property management styles run the gamut from the laissez-faire “Do nothing unless someone calls you to complain” to the highly intensive “stay on top of everything and document everything that happens along the way and produce regular […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Having Positive Tenant Landlord Relationships

Behind a “bad” tenant and Landlord relationship, lies a more nuanced story. If you just cruise the Internet at random, looking at stories from landlords and tenants about the other, you rapidly come to the conclusion that the tenant landlord relationship is naturally one of mutual contempt and loathing.Very few tenants have a lot of […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Landlord Licensing, Part II

Yes, that’s a 500 grand fine!! How do you like that? Last week, we laid out the basics of the Landlord Licensing (a.k.a. Rental Certification) process. This week, we’re going to talk about a few of the ways that the process can get challenging — specifically, the ones that will cost you a significant amount […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Landlord Licensing, Part I

That’s the business. If you don’t want to go through the Landlord Licensing process, go buy a corner store. Due to public outcry against “slumlords”, many cities in the US have some type of program that requires a landlord to pay a rental property registration fee, have their property inspected by the city and do […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Screening Tenants with Social Media

Any prospective tenant can act like the best tenant in the world during the initial walk-through. Part of being a good landlord is being able to discern the truth in a situation where everyone you talk to has powerful motivations to hide the truth and/or openly lie. And while you can get by on the […]