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Personnel Tales from a Detroit Property Manager: HR Edition

In the past, we’ve written posts about the challenges of dealing with owners, tenants, vendors, contractors, city inspectors and more. Well, we also have to deal with our own workers. So, we’d like to share a couple of stories with you about the things that happened to and with people we employ. Where Did They […]

Everyone at a Property Management Company is a Detective

Property managers have a particular set of skills…. Here are a couple of short anecdotes of times when someone at our property management company had to do some genuine detective work in order to fulfill a role that seems like it should be a fairly straightforward set of tasks — just to show you the […]

Property Management from 10,000 Feet: The Big Picture

What does a property management company do? The answer is simple: more than most people realize. What does a property management company do all day?  It’s a legitimate question – and here’s the answer, in all its complicated glory. The basic process of a property management company goes like this: Owner Intake: We add a […]

The Yin and Yang of Metro Detroit Rentals

Most cities in Metro Detroit are worlds apart. The Metro Detroit area is one of the most polarized areas in the nation. One part is populated with people who tend strongly to be low-income, low-education, and low-demographic. The other is populated with people who tend to fall much closer to the national averages in those […]

The ‘Emergency Marketing’ Dilemma

Yes, we’re doing more much more than put a “for rent” sign on your property. Recently, our Marketing Department had an interesting interaction with an owner whose rental unit just wasn’t moving, for reasons that no one could control. The owner asked us if we could do anything extra in terms of emergency marketing to […]

Tales from the Rose: Every Detail Matters

How do you all deal with being a landlord when it seems that tenants are constantly angry? When you manage almost 400 properties spread across just under 200 portfolios, every detail matters. You get to see the kind of patterns that form from “big data” – but you also, just by pure statistical chance, get […]