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Why Cash-For-Keys Can Be Better than Evicting

So, you have a nightmare tenant that you just want to get rid of! Though most property owners are all too familiar with the legal process of eviction, there is a viable alternative. If the seeds for eviction have been sown, “Cash for Keys” is a less intensive way to expedite the inevitable.  What is […]

The 3 Most Common Eviction Mistakes DIY Landlords Make

Eviction is the legal process whereby a landlord regains possesion of his rental unit, typically for nonpayment or other lease violations. Each state has their own well-defined laws and procedures for evicting tenants. Failure to follow these correctly may result in money-costing delays and/or force a landlord to start the eviction process all over again. […]

DIY Landlord Tips: Evicting a Tenant with Heart

When you do have to evict someone, you do it with heart. Make no mistake: evicting a tenant is hard. It takes an emotional toll on you, even if you didn’t have the best relationship with the tenant in the first place. The number of times that the head of our Evictions Department has almost […]

DIY Landlord Tips: When to Send an Eviction Notice to a Tenant

The reality of evicting an unexpectedly difficult tenant might take the lord out of your landlording. When you’re a property management company dealing with lots of tenants, you see patterns in tenant behavior in general, and you quickly learn how to best respond to these patterns. As a DIY landlord only dealing with a few […]

Beware the Fake Property Managers and Building Owners

Not everyone who posts a Pay Rent or Quit notice actually has the rights to do so!  The following is a nearly-entirely true story. None of the tenant’s suffering has been exaggerated in the least — but details have been made extremely vague to protect the innocent. Royal Rose Properties was hired several months ago […]

Overdue Rent: When to Let it Slide — and Why

“My dog ate my rent payment!” – soon-to-be-evicted tenant As a property manager, one of your most regular jobs — literally regular, like clockwork — is collecting rent. Usually, every tenant you oversee has signed the same lease agreement, which means that they all owe their rent on the same day, with the same length […]

How to (Legally) Get a Hoarder Out of a Rental

Hoarding is So Much Easier with Amazon Free Delivery! Hoarders — as the popular TV show has labeled them — have a psychological disorder that causes them to insist on keeping things they have no need for, to excess. While the disorder itself is often more of a cause for empathy than anything else, being […]

Evicting Your First Tenant: What Does A Day in Court Look Like?

ProTip: Bring Every Record You Have of Every Encounter You Had. If you’re a first-time landlord or you’ve just been lucky enough to not have evicted a tenant yet, you may be rather dreading the moment when some tenant has the testicular fortitude to bring you to court over an eviction. That’s because it’s new […]