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A Changing America: “Tenants For Life” Numbers Rising in the US

How Will It Impact Metro Detroit?   Gone are the days when owning a home was synonymous with fulfilling the great American dream. Is “Tenants for life” really the trend now.? Homeownership in America is now in decline amongst the younger generations. Although Census data for the 2020 Housing Vacancy Survey shows that about 65% […]

What Impact Will Coronavirus Have on Metro Detroit Property Prices

  At the start of 2020, Metro Detroit’s real estate industry was performing well. Many investors were looking forward to the onset of the spring homebuying season, until coronavirus hit pause on everything. According to Retail Wealth Network’s 2020 market research report, the Motor City has shown a year-on-year real estate market growth across a […]

The Yin and Yang of Metro Detroit Rentals

Most cities in Metro Detroit are worlds apart. The Metro Detroit area is one of the most polarized areas in the nation. One part is populated with people who tend strongly to be low-income, low-education, and low-demographic. The other is populated with people who tend to fall much closer to the national averages in those […]

How to Invest in a Blighted Neighborhood

Blighted neighborhoods are genuinely a trap, but they’re only a trap for the unwary. Blight – in Detroit, it’s essentially defined as “a property that hasn’t been maintained in so long that it is an eyesore and a hazard.” Detroit has several areas that are blight-ridden, where literally one street looks like any other (low-demographic) […]

Investing in Detroit Properties: A Fairy Tale

Don’t stake your claim until you know the potential pitfalls. Investing in Detroit Properties – Once upon a time, a somewhat-nobleman of modest wealth from a land far, far away heard whispers of our land, which was of course just as far away from him as he is to us. The whispers traveled across the […]

A DIY Landlord’s Guide to Having Positive Tenant Landlord Relationships

Behind a “bad” tenant and Landlord relationship, lies a more nuanced story. If you just cruise the Internet at random, looking at stories from landlords and tenants about the other, you rapidly come to the conclusion that the tenant landlord relationship is naturally one of mutual contempt and loathing.Very few tenants have a lot of […]

Walkability: A Selling Point in Detroit’s Urban Sprawl

When you have to walk to get food and medicine, having food and medicine within walking distance becomes pretty important. In many of the real estate markets in big cities across the country, walkability is a crucial factor in the urban core. If you can’t get to your grocer, pharmacist, and a few hangouts without […]

What Does Your Flat-fee Property Manager Actually Manage?

There are a surprising number of different answers to this question. Be careful! Metro Detroit’s rental scene has exploded right along with the rest of the country, and as you might expect, the property management industry has exploded right along with it. We have all manner of property management companies, from the full-service mega-corporations that […]

The Hidden Problem in Detroit’s Rental Market

The other shoe is waiting…except it’s several thousand shoes. Detroit mayor Mike Duggan recently unveiled his State of the City address, in which he revealed (among many other things). The city will be resuming its suspended policy of tearing down large swaths of abandoned, empty homes. The plan is to demolish some 10,000 homes over […]