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Personnel Tales from a Detroit Property Manager: HR Edition

In the past, we’ve written posts about the challenges of dealing with owners, tenants, vendors, contractors, city inspectors and more. Well, we also have to deal with our own workers. So, we’d like to share a couple of stories with you about the things that happened to and with people we employ. Where Did They […]

Maintenance Lessons Courtesy of the Polar Vortex

Winter is always a busy time for the Maintenance crew, and the kinds of work that need doing in the winter tend much more toward ‘emergency’ This year, Metro Detroit got really cold. The news pointed out on a couple of occasions that it was colder in Detroit than it was in Antarctica! And that […]

When a Detroit Property Manager Goes Out of Business

“This, too, shall pass.” We received word a few weeks ago that one of our major competitors in the Detroit area was going out of business. Of course, it’s always good news from a business perspective when a competitor leaves the arena, but we realize that many other people might have a different experience, and […]